How Kate Middleton’s Hairstylist Creates Her Chelsea Blowdry!


Kate Middleton has always had hair to be envied but as you can see from the picture above, today she stepped out donning her bounciest blowdry yet … and it’s absolute hair GOALS!  

Her hairstylist Richard Ward has previously talked about the ‘Chelsea blowdry’ made famous by his royal client and how he goes about achieving it.

So here’s the step-by-step process to follow if you want to recreate Kate’s super-voluminous hairstyle.


After towel drying the hair, Richard brushes it through using the Tangle Angel brush, which is anti-static. This brush is his preference as he helped create the product.

To create as much volume as possible, he spritzes small sections of the hair with a volumising spray. If you want to pick up a popular volumising spray, one to try is the Redken Thickening Lotion, a favourite of Blake Lively.


Next Richard roughly blowdries the hair until it is quarter dry. One blowdry habit he warns against however is the shaking of the hairdryer and the hair while you are drying it. This, he says, will cause frizz.

Instead, Richard applies a nozzle to the hairdryer and directs the heat towards the roots. He also sets it on a low power so the heat is gentle on the roots.



Next, Richard separates the hair into sections and uses his anti-static, anti-flyaway roundbrush, the Shine Angel, to brush each section upwards while blow drying. (There are different sizes of Shine Angel brushes available.)

Again, this is to create as much natural volume as possible. The bristles are also placed on the brush in such a way to help reduce frizz and leave hair looking smooth.

After blowdrying each section, Richard takes the hair sections from the root and applies velcro rollers to each section. (Use these clips to hold the rollers in place)

10964769-1402935494-882201Velcro boost rollers – here

After leaving these in for approx 20 minutes, he then sets about removing the rollers, making sure to start by removing the ones he first applied.

He also warns not to pull the rollers too hard when taking them out. As he removes each one, he likes to twist the hair around his finger so as to maintain the shape of the curl. (If you have time to spare and want to help increase the longevity of the curls, just roll the curl up and pin it in place.)


To increase the longevity of the curls, pin them in place once you remove the rollers

Once the curls are loose, Richard runs his fingers through them to create a tousled look.

He then uses a round brush i.e. the Shine Angel, to style the hair around the face, often using the blowdryer on a low heat while he styles.



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