Last Night’s Outfit and Makeup Details!


Happy Saturday everyone… what an AMAZING day today… wow.. I can really feel the summer rolling around, how exciting 🙂

Yesterday was a really long and hectic day and as some of you might know already from my Instagram, I headed home to my mam and dads yesterday evening with a banging headache. You know after one of those days, your head is ringing and all you want is your mam and dad, well thats exactly how I felt yesterday.

When I arrived home, my dad handed me up one of his home made scones buttered with jam, a cup of tea, as well as my Irish Sun column and some chocolate with some paracetemol on the side. How sweet. Instantly I felt better 🙂 After my tea and scone, I fell asleep on the couch for an hour and when I woke up, I felt brand new!

What is it about a cup of tea and a sleep? 🙂


Dylan soon rang me asking me if I wanted to head for a few drinks, he had been working late. So I said why not, it’s Friday and I was in a good mood. We met our friends for a few drinks in mine later that night and then we headed to the Wright Venue for Urban Friday’s – LOVE the music on Friday’s and Usher came too. 🙂


After I did my makeup very quickly, I didn’t have much time – I posted a picture to my Instagram and Facebook where a lot of you admired two things; 1/ My foundation and 2/ My necklace, so in this blog post I am about to share that information with you. 🙂

1/ My Foundation


A good few of you commented on my skin saying how glowy and fresh it looked last night – that is hands down thanks to the Dr Murad products I have been using the last two months or so, you can read about them here. I have also upped my water intake for my fitness programme and I think that is helping a lot as well.

As you know, I usually always use my trusty Chanel but last night, I was in the mood to try something new. I opened up my makeup drawer and there in front of me was the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxegen Wow foundation staring at me. It was actually sent to me months ago and so I decided now was the time to try it and wow, I instantly loved it.

I will do a separate review on it next week with full details so stay tuned for that. The tone I had was a little light and so I used some of my inglot HD foundation to really balance the colour and it was perfect.

2/  My Necklace


Thanks to Holly who works with me at SoSueMe HQ, she introduced me to this Instagram page of STUNNING statement necklaces. They are very like the style I wore last night but unfortunately they are $400+ and there is no way I would pay that for a necklace.

When I was in Forever 21 yesterday pulling stock for my new product shoot (SOSU By Suzanne Jackson) on Monday, I spotted these gorgeous necklaces over in the accessories dept and I thought to myself.. ‘OMG if they were layered they would look exactly like the Instagram necklaces’! So I darted over to them and they were only €12 each!

I bought the two straight away and I felt great wearing them last night 🙂 Hello $400+ dollar necklace for €24 🙂 Bargain.

And so there you have it, all your questions answered!

Hope you enjoyed this post?

Have a lovely Saturday night whatever you’re getting up to 🙂

Sue x




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