The Makeup Secrets of Disney’s Princesses!


Despite standing out in scorching heat all day, the Disney Princesses who work in the Florida resort somehow always manage to keep their makeup looking immaculate! Their makeup literally doesn’t budge!

Disney is notoriously strict when it comes to their characters makeup, and all day long, the characters makeup has to look EXACTLY like it does in the film.

So how does Cinderella & co keep their makeup so perfectly in place given that they spend all day standing out in hot weather (and in full costume) while greeting throngs of fans and posing for photos?

They use the Ben Nye Final Seal Spray!


This product sets the makeup in place for 12 hours and prevents it from staining clothes, being smudged or melting away in heat. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for Irish fans to get hold of this, so if you want a bottle, then now would be the time to call on your American relatives!

All is not lost however as Disney princesses also sometimes rely on Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray to keep their makeup perfectly in place all day.


Disney provides all princesses with makeup kit comprised mainly of products from the Ben Nye brand however Kryolan Cosmetics are also sometimes used.

The princesses are also given Ben Nye Cream Foundations however they’re allowed to use their own foundations should they wish. A lot of Disney princesses are known to wear MAC Pro Longwear Foundation.


Where there is absolutely no room for negotiation however is blusher, eye-shadow, brow pomade, lipstick, and lip liner.

These are all from the Ben Nye brand and have to be an exact shade. Not even a similar shade is allowed!

So there you have it guys!

The products worn by Disney princesses to keep them looking flawless all day long!



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