Mariah Carey For MAC!


Pictures of Mariah Carey’s collection for MAC have been unveiled and frankly we cannot cope with how gorgeous the packaging is!

With lots of golds, glitter, and butterfly designs, not to mention names like ‘sweet sweet fantasy’, ‘rainbow’ and ‘dreamlover’, it’s fair to say that the collection is very ‘Mariah’.


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In terms of shades, the collection mainly consists of super flattering soft browns and warm nudes, with each piece being named after one of her songs.

The range is comprised of solely Mariah’s own favourite shades which is why you won’t find a red lipstick in the collection.download (5)

She told an interviewer, “I don’t wear bright red lipstick. I like my natural lip colour. I know that sounds a little conceited. I try to just use lip balm when I can and maybe a little lipliner to enhance it. But I like the colour of my own lip!”

Mariah went on to add that her daughter Monroe is the complete opposite.

She revealed, “Miss Monroe likes to sit in the makeup chair and put on eye shadow and lipstick. She likes wearing lipstick, even though I don’t. She’s obsessed with red lipstick. It’s pretty funny.”download (4)

The 23 piece collection will be officially available to buy from MAC Cosmetics on December 15th and will only be available for a limited time.

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