My Fave Body Moisturisers

Suzanne Jackson

Hi everyone!

So this is my first review on my new and improved personal blog!


As you already know, I’m going to start writing lots more personal posts (and as discussed, most will be non-paid) and this also goes for beauty and fashion too.

To kick things off today, I’m going to talk about my favourite body moisturisers. As you will know, I’m a BIG tan lover so body moisturisers are a necessity for me if I want to keep my tan looking smooth and skin super hydrated.

I also suffer from dry/dehydrated skin (probably due to my lack of water intake) so when I find a good body cream that will keep my skin as hydtated as possible, I tend stick with it!

Here are the two I’m using every morning and night at the moment, and both are SUPER affordable and easy to get!

  1. Mixa Circa Repair Body Lotion

Mixa Cream

After every shower, I moisturise my skin with Mixa Circa Repair Balm. Some of you have already spotted it on my Snapchat! I’ve been using it on a daily basis lately as find it keeps my skin hydrated and in turn, really helps to lock in my tan.

Mixa is aimed at sensitive skin and is paraben-free which is always a big plus! There are different types but I use the red one which is a repair balm that nourishes and smooths rough skin, it also smells DIVINE!! My mam actually loves it too, and she is one fussy cookie!

The product itself comes in a skinny tube and as it’s so lightweight, it’s great for bringing with you when travelling. I currently have it here with me in China and I use it every single day without fail.

The main thing I love about this cream is how long the effects last. For instance, when I apply it after my morning shower, my skin will still feel smooth and super-hydrated that night when I’m going to bed. It really makes such a noticeable difference.

To top it all off, it’s only around €7 and most pharmacies stock it.

2. Dovocare Intense Cream 

Mixa Body cream

My next favourite cream is one I use daily on my feet. You guys could probably guess the name of this one as I have Snapchatted about it so many times since I started using it!

I’m obsessed with this product and even when I travel, I always bring it with me.

It’s called Dovocare, and it’s the only cream that has made such a big difference to my the skin on my feet. I collaborated with them some months ago, and after trying out the product at length before collaborating, I completely fell in love with it.

I also recently had them as a sponsor for my Dublin workshop, and the product went down a treat with the attendees. Even though I have collaborated with the guys previously, this isn’t a paid post, just so you know! 🙂

The cream itself is designed primarily for use on very dry, thickened skin, so if you suffer with hard or even scaly skin, you will definitely benefit from this.

So why do I use it? Well I actually used to be an Irish set dancer so I was always plagued with hard soles and heels from being in ‘hard shoes’ 24/7, but after I started lathering on Dovocare each night, I stated to notice a huge difference after about 10 days. Thankfully now, my feet are so soft and moisturised, something I never thought would happen after having hardened set dancer feet for so long.

One tube will last you ages too because a little goes a very long way.

It helps to relieve itching and dryness, and anytime I Snapchatted about it, a number of followers messaged me afterwards to say it also really helped them with their eczema/psoriasis.

It costs around €12 and can be found in most pharmacies.

Hope you enjoyed the post guys! 

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  1. Marilyn Fox
    7 December 2017 / 21:36

    Hi Suzanne
    Thank you for reviewing Mixa and Dovocare these skin products are brilliant I purchased them both because of your honest to god review and your spot on they do exactly what they say they do so thanks so much Marilyn .

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