My Late Late Show Interview: Hair, Makeup & Outfit Details!

Hey guys

Hope you all had a great weekend.

It’s been a while since I caught up with you here. As you know, SOSUbySJ had a number of launches in quick succession recently, and then there was the launch of my fashion collection with InTheStyle, so things have been manic busy as you can imagine!

I wanted to come on however to say a BIG thank you to everyone who sent DM’s, posted comments, and sent emails following my interview on the Late Late Show.
The support was so overwhelming, I literally only finished getting back to most people today.

I want to say a very special thank you to RTE’s Late Late Show team for looking after me so well and making me feel as comfortable as they possibly could on the night.
And of course a massive thank you to the main man himself, Ryan Tubridy, for guiding me throughout the interview and making me feel as calm as he could before we went on air.

Going by the feedback I’ve received, the interview seems to have gone down very well with everyone which I’m delighted to hear as I was a nervous wreck on the day, and on Wednesday and Thursday leading up the big day. I know I’ve done TV stuff before but there’s nothing quite like the Late Late Show. It’s such a big deal in Ireland!

As well as being my first time on the Late Late Show, adding to my nerves was the fact that this was also the first time I have been interviewed on live TV on my own. Nerve wrecking doesn’t come close to describing it!

I just really hope those who watched the interview took something beneficial from it, even if it was just the encouragement to start work on a long held ambition.

As I was going through the DM’s today, I noticed a lot of questions surrounding my makeup, hair and outfit.

I’m going to try and answer all the questions in one post for you but if there’s any I haven’t addressed, just pop them in the comment box below.


The amazing Fiona McNamara did my makeup for the interview.

She started by priming my skin with the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Skin Base, which as some long term readers will know has been a firm favourite of mine for some time now.

Afterwards, Fiona applied NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in the shade Barcelona. For concealer, she used MAC Mineralize in the shade NC20 and blended it in using the SOSUbySJ blender sponge.

To set the foundation, she used Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, however before I went on air, I further set the look using the powder in my Ultimate Trio Palette.

Ultimate Trio Palette

Fiona applied my contour & blush using my SOSUbySJ Sunset Trio Palette.

The highlight, which lots of you loved, was a combination of Shooting Star and Unicorn Dust from my SOSUbySJ Highlighter Palette.

On the eyes, Fiona used the shades Prophecy, Saviour & Oath from the SOSUbySJxKeilidh Urban Bible Palette. She also added in a touch of the shade Blaze from my SOSUbySJ Hot Fire Palette.

For my eyeliner, Fiona used Inglot 77, and for my mascara, she used MAC In Extreme Dimension. To finish the eyes, we used my Vanity Lashes from my SOSUbySJ 7 Deadly Sins Collection.

My brows were styled using the MAC Spiked followed by the HD Brow Setting Gel.

A lot of questions coming in about my lip colour.

On my lips, I wore the shade Birthday Suit from my SOSUbySJ So Kiss Me collection.

I then topped it with Vanilla Silk Gloss from the new Gloss Bitch collection. I also used the So Kiss Me liner shade, My Ex Calling.

The night before the interview, I had a Dripping Gold spray tan applied by Carla (Sprayed By CJ) but we decided to apply just a light layer as sometimes the strong studio lighting can make you look darker.

A Before and After Of The Dripping Gold Spray Tan

On the night, we dusted my neck and chest with a new shimmering bronzer powder that I’m currently working on. Can’t wait for you to see it when it’s ready!


The day before the interview, I went to Jane in Red Velvet to get my colour done.

She shampooed and conditioned my hair using Olaplex, and added a toner which gave it a lovely shine.

She also applied some Flexible Styling Mousse from Style Stories while my hair was wet.

When styling it for the night, Jane curly blowdried my hair using a small brush before applying heated rollers to my hair and letting them set for an hour.

Afterwards she smoothed the curls and backcombed the roots a little. To set the backcomb and the curls, Jane misted my hair with Style Stories Sculpting Hairspray, and Style Stories Original Hairspray.


For my Late Late interview, I was styled by Jeff Thomspon in Brown Thomas.

We decided on the new velvet Spanx, a black cami from Maje, and a Balmain blazer which was a treat from me to me as I have always wanted a blazer from Balmain for as long as I can remember.

Whenever I enjoy a professional milestone, I like to mark the special occasion by investing in a classic piece that will last me a lifetime. It might be a handbag, a piece of jewellery, a pair of heels, or, an item of clothing. That way whenever I wear it, or even look at it, it automatically brings back so many good memories.

A couple of people asked me why I didn’t wear a look from my new collection with InTheStyle. Anyone who is familiar with my collection will know that it consists of ‘going-out-out’ pieces, many of which are short dresses. Being on live TV is nerve wracking and I wanted to be as relaxed as possible, so for me this meant wearing a blazer and trousers. Another reason was the colour. My collection consists of bright pieces but I wanted to go with primarily black on the night as, like most people, that’s the shade I feel most comfortable and relaxed in.

If I had worn a dress, I know I would have been conscious of the length as I sat down, and I didn’t want to be pulling at it while trying to answer questions on live TV!

Again, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your lovely comments, DM’s and emails. It made my heart smile reading your kind words and I am go grateful to everyone who tuned in and who took the time to write afterwards. Thank you so much for all your support.

I’m off now to start packing (I know, last minute.com!) as I leave for Coachella on Tuesday and still have a ton of things to do. 

Have a great evening guys and thanks again for being so god dam amazing! Don’t know what i do to deserve you all.

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