My Quick Guide To The Perfect Smokey Eye For Summer!


Hi everyone,

I thought I would do a beauty-related post this evening as there’s a topic I’ve been asked ALOT lately … how to pull off a smokey eye in summer.

There are two ways to do it: you can either go with a subtle smokey eye which is what I will show you here, or you can go with more vibrant shades as outlined here (remember, you can create a smokey shade using any colour)

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Because I’m a blogger, I am constantly testing new shades and pigments so my preferences do change from time to time, so rather than list off all the shades I like, I thought I would instead take you guys through a smokey eye look I tend to create quote often.


Mostly, I use my Inglot eyeshadow palette. I absolutely love Inglot shadows and I never steer too far away from them. In particular orange browny tones.

A little tip for you: a smokey eye doesn’t exactly mean a black smoked out look. It basically means that colours fade from light (brow bone) right down to dark (lids). Exactly how smoke fades in the air – from really dark at the base and as it moves up through the air, the colours fade.

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Here’s the breakdown of my fave shades for a smokey look:

  1. Transition Colour: 314 (light peach)
  2. Lid Colour: 121 (sparkly cranberry)
  3. Crease Colour: 605 (Dark rich burnt orange)
  4. Outer V on eye: 329 (dark brown) & blend out using shade 6 from my SOSU contour palette
  5. Brow Bone: 393 (light cream) These days however, I use the light powder shade 3 from my SOSU Contour Palette.
  6. Under-eye: 121 & 329 blended with my shade 6 again.

These days, I also like to add a touch of highlighter or shimmer to the centre of my lid. It just gives the whole look an extra sparkle. I also love to add a little bit of shimmer to the tear duct area. You can use shade 5 from my palette for this! The highlighter is INSANELY good, if I do say so myself haha 😉

To line my eyes, I used Rimmel Glam Eyes. This along with the Crownbrush UK gel eyeliner are staple products in my makeup bag. They are honestly two of the best liquid liners on the market.


On my waterline, I used the Crown Chubby Eye pencil in Dark Chocolate because the colour pay off is really good (you can get them here for €5)

My mascara is good old Benefit They’re Real (you can read a previous review of mine here)


When it comes to really pulling off the smokey eye look, I think pale lips are a necessity.

For this look, I used NYX  Liner 854 pale pink followed by NYX Summer Love 617. I’m 99% certain that the gloss I used for this look was the Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper by Victorias Secret (That, and Soap & Glory’s MotherPucker are such good glosses!)

So there you have it guys, the shades that will help you work a classic smokey eye during summer! 


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