My Saturday Night Makeup


Hi guys!

Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday!

I am so thrilled with the reaction so far to my new S/S collection, and I’m delighted to hear that you guys love the new shades!

For those who inquired, they are currently for sale on SOSU, but they are also being rolled out in pharmacies from today!

So tonight I have a makeup blog post for you!

I always do a post like this whenever you guys request it, and I know that lots of you loved my makeup from last Saturday night. Some of you said it was the nicest makeup look you had seen me wear and I think this is because I went a little heavier and smokier on the eye makeup. Wearing a white dress meant I could really go for a statement look with my eyes.

Lot’s of you also loved my white blazer dress. For outfit details, check out my What I Wore post.

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So here is the full list of products:

The Face:

Primer: Flormar Illuminating Primer

I have been using this for the past few weeks and I absolutely love it. It’s really dewy, and the effect is kind of like a golden illuminator but in the form a primer.

It would be great to wear on it’s own on the beach during summer. You could definitely wear it without makeup and I think ti would look amazing over tan.



On Snapchat, makeup artist Chloe Boucher said she used shade 4 from the SOSU contour palette as a foundation, so I decided to do the same and try it out! I have quite similar colouring to her, if not darker, so I knew it would suit my skin tone.

I gave it a bash and I absolutely loved the dewy finish it gave me. Big thanks to Chloe for her tip.

Because I had applied a light layer, it gave me medium coverage but you could definitely build it up if you wanted heavier coverage.
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Highlight & Contour:

Next I used shade 2 – the darkest cream concealer – for my dark contour and shade 1 for my light contour.

(I’m in the middle of editing my contour palette tutorial for YouTube and it’s so close to completion. I should hope to have it up by Friday definitely.)

To set the concealers, I used both powders from my kit. I used the banana powder shade 3 to set the lighter contour and then shade 6 to set the darker contour.



When applying my shade 5 highlighter, I always dampen my Pro Blender Sponge, dip it in the highlighter and then press it very lightly into the tips of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and Cupids Bow.


To finish the look, I dusted a tiny bit of blush above the apples of my cheeks, blending it into the highlighter so that the whole look would come together and look as natural as possible.

My blush was from the Sleek blush palette called ‘Lace’, and the shade I chose was peachy orange.

The Eyes:

With my face completed, I started on my brows.

To see how I always style them and what products I use, just check out my brow tutorial right here.

On my brow bone, I used the matte cream shade from the Love Inglot Christmas Palette, which I applied using my Crownrush SS027 brush. however prior to that, I first tidied up the brows by applying shade 1 – a light concealer from my SOSU Contour Palette – directly underneath them. Shade 3 also works really well for this as it’s the lightest.


Once my brows were done, I began my favourite part – the eye makeup!

I used a mix of eyeshadows from the Love Inglot Christmas Palette. Using my Crownbrush C441 brush, I applied an orangey colour from the palette as my base and transition colour, before using the darker brown shade from the palette on the crease and outer edge of the eye.

To apply the darker shade, I used the C433 brush.  I also brought this shade underneath my lower lash line as well, but this time using the C468 brush. christmas_palette


For my liner flick, I used Rimmel’s Glam Eyes. That liner is a staple product in my makeup bag.

On my waterline, I used Inglot’s gel liner in black, and I applied this with my Crownbrush C475 Liner brush.

I used Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara on my lashes before adding extra volume with my SOSU lashes. I can’t wait for these to be released this year! I think you guys will love them.

The Lips:

To line my lips, I used the 1993 lip liner from Urban Decay followed by Fuschia Makeup’s No. 64 ‘Simplicity’ lipstick.

There you have it guys – all the products I used as part of my makeup routine last Saturday night! 



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