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So, as you know, I always do my makeup demos on my Instagram stories, and I always have to individually link the products, which can be a pain for you & me. However, what I have done to make life easier for all, is created my own makeup bundle of products I use regularly to complete my look, and I have put it all in one place with a bit of a discount to make it easier for you to shop. Granted, not every single item I use is in this bundle, but it’s the core products.

I will break down each product below and give you my tips on how to use them & what I like best about the product.

Radiance Base | Glow

I love any product that will give my skin an added glow! This product has been a staple in my makeup bag since it launched. I wear this over tan when I don’t have make-up on, I wear it as a base before I apply makeup or just on its own heading to the gym in the mornings. It is gorgeous on the skin and comes in 3 shades – Glow, Cosmic Sheen & Silk Bronze. I tend to wear the shade ‘glow’ a lot.

You can apply this product with a brush or sponge. Whatever your preference! You can pop it on super quickly and it melts into the skin and gives it a gorgeous glowing radiance – a superhero product, in my opinion!

Concealer | Lowlight 

If you’re looking for a lightweight but good-coverage concealer, this is your answer! I love the shade of low light as it brightens up the darker areas under the eyes. I also love shade 4 as it has a slight orange tone to it, which is great for dark circles.

I like to place my concealer in my chosen areas and blend it with a beauty blender. I feel this blends the product seamlessly into those thinner areas, like under the eye, without leaving any product residue or buildup. This concealer is super long-lasting, gives medium coverage, and has gorgeous ingredients like Vitamin E, which helps to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin. Tri-peptides help increase skin firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Setting powder | Light

One of the most underrated product in SOSU, in my opinion! We launched this product during COVID, and I really feel like we lost the momentum of this product because it is amazing! You can use this powder for setting concealer, brightening the under eyes and mattifying the T zone.

I apply this powder using a powder puff (coming soon 😉) under the eyes and a fluffy brush for the rest of my face. The powder has a sheer & weightless formula that instantly perfects the skin for a natural, soft-focus finish. Perfect for setting foundation and concealer and blurring the skin on no-makeup days.

Contour Stick | Dark

Our contour sticks are some of our most popular products! These cream sticks are highly pigmented, super creamy and bendable. They melt right into the skin and give the most gorgeous finish.

You all know I am a huge lover of contouring! I love to apply my contour shade to the cheekbones, forehead and nose. Then I take my beauty blender & gently press the product into the skin. It blends in next to no time as it’s the most amazing formula.

Our contour cream stick can be used to contour the face, or if you prefer use a cream for a more bronzed glow. Our cream sticks come in shades, conceal light, cool, warm and dark.

Blush Stick | Glow Pink

Our cream stick’s sister! I love a cream blush, and this product is the best of a blush and a highlight giving the skin the most gorgeous sun-kissed glow. Similar to our contour sticks, they are highly pigmented and super creamy. All our cream sticks are enriched with Vitamin E to keep your complexion hydrated.

I love to apply this to the apples of my cheeks, across the nose and slightly above the eyebrows. You can blend with a blender, brush or your fingers. This gives the most gorgeous radiant glow with a pop of colour.

Hot Fire

My OG! Did you know this palette is six years old?! I brought Hot Fire to the market in 2017, it received a slight makeover since then, but the original concept was kept, and there isn’t a time when I am doing my glam that I don’t reach for it! I use shade IGNITE a lot.

This is your perfect smoky palette. There are 16 highly pigmented shades, from mattes to shimmers, and they are so easy to blend. Whether you are looking to create a sultry neutral look or you’re going full smoke, this palette has you covered.

Hidden Agenda | Cutting Edge

If you haven’t tried our Hidden Agenda by now, I highly suggest you do! Do you hate wearing lashes because the sides lift? Or your eye gets irritated and starts to water? Hidden Agenda takes away all that! You apply these lashes under the lash line. They come with glue that you use like mascara, and then you apply the individual lash clusters to the lash line. They can last up to 3 days when you wash and care for them correctly!

I love this style because it is the perfect mix of natural and glam, and they are so lightweight that you don’t feel them on the eyes.

To remove then, you need some oil-based eye makeup remover and a cotton pad, close your eyes and place it over the lashes for a couple of seconds, and the lashes come away. We have developed our own Hidden Agenda lash remover, which you can see it in more detail here.

Eye Voltage Mascara

We all know I love an eyelash! But I love the Eye Voltage mascara for days when I am not wearing eyelashes. This helps to volumise, lengthen and curl your lashes.

You can use this mascara on its own or to blend your own lashes with some false eyelashes.

Kohl Pencil | Brown

The creamy formula of this kohl pencil allows it to blend effortlessly whilst having a long-lasting effect.

I love this pencil to create a smoky eyeliner when doing an eye look or for the days when you want to use eyeliner but prefer the softness of a brown compared to black.

This can be used on the top of the eyelid or the waterline and will last all day!

Lipstick | Birthday Suit

I shouldn’t have favourites…. but this is my fave!!! I love this lip colour!

This is the most gorgeous neutral pink lipstick with a creamy formula that is long-lasting and doesn’t dry out the lips.

I love to play around with my lip colour, and sometimes I wear Birthday Suit on its own for a softer matte finish, mix it up with different lipliners for more definition or put a lip gloss on top for a gloss finish.

You can’t go wrong with having a staple nude in your makeup bag; this is it for me!

Freckle pen

I love the freckles & I love the trend of people drawing on few faux beauty spots, I’ve done it for years. It’s such a beautiful sun kissed look.

That’s why we created the Freckle Pen. I love that this product allows you to switch up your whole look.

This can be worn independently with no makeup or over a full glam, whichever is your preference! You just dot the product where you want your faux freckles and gently pat them over with your finger; they look so natural and stay all day.

You can use this if you have freckles, or if you don’t, it’s for everyone and can be applied across the nose, cheeks and forehead to amplify your natural beauty.

CC Me In Foundation

This product isn’t part of the bundle but it is one of my absolute must haves! I wear this every single day – either a really light layer when I am going for a no makeup look or I build it up for a more full on glam look.

Our CC cream is AMAZING (not biased I swear!) It is weightless, medium to buildable coverage and has some gorgeous skin-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid that helps boost the skin’s moisture & makes the skin appear plumper. Soothes and defends skin against moisture loss.  Vitamin E helps to hydrate, nourish, protect the skin, Vitamin B3 helps to improve dull, uneven skin tone & boost the skin’s strength, repair damage and most importantly, it has SPF 45.

SPF is a non-negotiable every single day, even when you’re in Ireland and not on holidays! So having SPF in your makeup is ideal! Our CC cream leaves a dewy natural finish and leaves no flashback.

I apply my CC Cream using our large blending sponge and it gives the most even, natural application. The large blender is essential if you’re on the go so it won’t take you too long on application.

All these products together are worth €160.45, but you can get Suzanne’s Summer Faves Bundle for €115 on SOSU Cosmetics

I hope you enjoy it! 😊


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