My Step-By-Step Guide For The Perfect Valentines Pins!


Hi guys

Hope you’re all having a lovely Friday! Can’t believe the weekend is here already! This week has flown by!

I have to say I’m so looking forward to celebrating Valentines Day. I love getting really dressed up, though I still haven’t fully decided what I’m going to wear out on the night! Typical!

If, like me, you know you will more than likely end up wearing a dress on the big night, then you will need your legs and arms looking in tip-top condition!

So here’s my step-by-step guide for creating the perfect Valentines Day glow:


Exfoliate and moisturise.

I know you have heard this a thousand times before but if you want your skin looking smooth, then you need to scrub away those dead skin cells and slather on a hydrating moisturiser.


This is the most important part! To give your skin a nice and even natural-looking colour then you will need a good quality instant tan. As most of you know, I have been a fan of the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs instant tan for years now.Lotions

I think we’ve all pretty much depended on it for a nice colour since we were teenagers!

I have tried lots of other instant tans in the past and even though most of them were good, I always find myself going back to Sally Hansen because it’s so reliable.

It’s one of those products that’s always in my tanning drawer.

My shade of preference in both the Airbrush Legs spray and lotion is ‘dark’. In the picture below, I am using the medium shade, but in general I tend to go for the dark shade.  IMG_2022-1024x1024


Some apply the Airbrush Legs directly on to the skin and then blend it in, but I always prefer to squeeze some on to the mitt first and then pat it on to the skin, blending as I go. A good tip to remember is that you should never vigorously rub a tan into the skin. Always pat and blend.

Even though it’s called Airbrush Legs, it can be used all over and I always find it gives my skin a really beautiful looking colour. It’s really lightweight too so you don’t feel as though you’re caked in product, which can sometimes be the case with instant tans. It literally covers everything! I remember using it when I had a bruise on my leg. Once the Airbrush Legs went on, you couldn’t see any trace of it. If you suffer from broken veins, uneven skin tone, redness, etc, it really will cover the lot!

I think the best thing about it is that it’s waterproof so you know once it’s on, it won’t get destroyed if you get caught out in the rain, and let’s face it, rain is practically a guarantee in Ireland!

To Finishmac global glow

Once my Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is on, I will then finish the look by dusting on some highlighter such as MAC’s Global Glow or by applying some Nuxe Gold Body Oil over my legs, shoulders and collarbones.

I have to say, the Airbrush Legs was a tanning-life-saver for me over New Years as well.

I was so busy with moving house and launching SOSU.ie that I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands for New Years Eve tanning prep, but thankfully I had my trusty Airbrush Legs in my tanning drawer so my colour was done in a flash!

There you have it guys, my step-by-step guide to the perfect Valentines glow!



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