My Tanning Details From The Weekend!

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Hi guys!

I’m finally home after a wonderful weekend away with my friends.

For those of you who are not on Snapchat I was away in London from Thursday to Sunday to celebrate two of our friends birthdays, one being a 30th so we made an extra special effort.

As a group of friends we’ve never all gone away together as a group, there was always one or two missing, so it was really great to have the majority involved this time. It was such a fun weekend.

I’m going to do a follow up blog post in the travel section all about the London trip, but for now I’m going to answer the most popular question about the weekend… and that is… What tan was I wearing?


On Wednesday night I had a friend of mine Olivia pop over to my house give me a spray tan. Olivia owns Allure Beauty in Drumcondra and she always does my spray tan. The brand she uses is Lauren’s Way.

I havent had a spray tan done in AGES as I have been doing my own tan myself recently, but because we were going away for a few days I thought it would handier to just get a spray tan as I find it lasts a little longer.

As always, I was really happy with the colour pay off from the Lauren’s Way but because I wanted a more bronzed effect on both nights, I decided to also apply a light layer of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in the shade dark all over my arms, neck and chest. I find not only does Sally enhance your tan – it evens out the skin too 🙂

sally hansen tan dark

Over the weekend, I applied it differently however. Instead of applying a thick layer with my mitt and rubbling it on to the skin (which at times can cause the tan underneath to become patchy) I  squeezed a tiny amount of the Airbrush Legs on to a powder brush and then lightly brushed it on to my skin as if I was applying a powder bronzer – it worked a dream.

It gave my skin a really even, deep colour.

For those of you wondering, usually I wear the medium shade in Airbrush Legs, and that’s dark enough but when I saw this ‘deep’ one in my local pharmacy, I decided to try it out. After using it during the weekend, I now absolutely love this shade.

If you love a dark bronzed look, you will looooove this one!

Happy Tan Shopping!



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