Product List: Saturday Night’s Eye Makeup


Hi guys!

Hope you’re all having a good start to the week  Monday.

On Saturday night, myself and the girls got together and it was so much fun. One of the group is pregnant at the moment so we wanted to take her out for the night and have a laugh along with some mocktails!

I posted a few pictures on social media throughout the night and when I posted a shot of my eye makeup on Snapchat, lots of you asked me for a breakdown of the products I had used.

So as promised, here it is!



Long time readers of mine will know that I regularly use the Semi-Permanent Brow Kit from BPerfect. I first reviewed it here and I have honestly been a massive fan of it since then.

I always head to Corina in Monica Tolan’s salon to have my brows done, but when I’m heading out for a night, I like to give them some extra definition.

That said, at the moment, I’m not liking that harsh brow look which is why I went for brow powder like this one from BPerfect brow.

unnamed (3)

Before and after the Bperfect semi-permanent brow powder

On Saturday night, I used it to shade in my brows and as you can see, the result is very natural. My colour of choice as always was the charcoal shade which gave the brows a nice high def look.

It’s also the perfect shade for my hair colour but there are other shades available so you’re bound to find the one that suits your colouring.

The powder filled in the brows nicely and I didn’t need too much product either.


Once I had finished the application, I ran my spoolie brush from Crownbrush through the brows to remove excess powder and just to give the brows that ‘brushed hair’ effect because the latest brow trend is that effortless brushed look.

It’s also very long lasting so no need for a top-up on a night out! Always a big plus in my book!

I have always believed that one of the most important parts of any makeup routine is getting the brows right.

Eyeshadow & Liner


For eyeshadow, I went for my usual smokey brown and orange tones on the eye. Across the lid, I applied the Candy Crush shade from my SOSU Glow Kit. This is a really nice smokey pink shimmer and was the perfect way to finish off the look.

Next I lined my eyes with one of my favourite gel liners, Inglot number 77. So long lasting!

unnamed (1)

My false lashes are my new SOSU luxury silk range that I’m working on at the moment. They’re a really glamorous style; definitely my type of lash so I can’t wait to for you all to see them!

They are going to be even more inexpensive than the current silk lashes! We’re in the final stages at the moment so they should be out in the New Year. At the moment, I’m testing them to make sure they’re exactly how I want them to be.

Once the lashes were applied, I finished the look with a slick of Bourjois Mascara.

Funnily enough, I have also been getting a lot of questions about my lipstick since Saturday night.

On the night I lined my lips with MAC Whirl and then applied Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm in the shade 40 Exquisite Caramel.

Contour & Highlight

For my contour and highlight, I used the SOSU Complete Contour Palette

There you have it guys, the full run down of my makeup from Saturday night as promised!



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