Review: Beyoncé’s Latest Fragrance: Wild Orchid

yRegardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Queen Bey, you have to admire her work ethic and business acumen. She certainly doesn’t do things by half.

When she puts her name to something, you can be sure it’s going to be amazing, and that is definitely the case with her latest scent, Wild Orchid.


According to Beyonce, the perfume was created with a view to reflecting her feisty, fiery and feminine energy. She’s not wrong about that either!

Before I tried Wild Orchid, I was unsure as to whether or not I would be a fan.

I had heard it being described as sweet, and normally, I tend to go for scents that are quite musky.

When I tested it, however, it immediately hooked me!  It’s not so much sweet, but rather more tropical! And I LOVE tropical scents because they always bring back memories of my Marbella holidays with friends!

The central note of this perfume is the Butterfly Orchid, which, rather interestingly, is believed to have magical aphrodisiac qualities! According to Beyonce, it’s the Butterfly Orchid that gives the scent its “exotic signature.”

Also included in this perfumed blend is coconut water, pomegranate, magnolia, and honeysuckle. Personally, I think it’s these ingredients that have given Wild Orchid such a lovely feminine feel.
Then you have the fragrance base, which consists of amber, blonde woods, and skin musks.

As I already mentioned, I love musky scents so I really liked the edge produced by these base notes.

There’s something about this fragrance – I can’t put my finger on it but I think maybe it’s the coconut water – whatever it may be, it creates such a lovely balance between all the ingredients. It’s not too fruity, too floral or too sweet. It’s just right.

I was very impressed by its staying power too, but of course the longevity of a perfume does vary greatly from one individual to the next.

Sometimes you have to wait for a perfume to settle a bit before you can really decide whether or not you like it, but with Wild Orchid, I pretty much liked it from the get go.

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Even though the sent contains floral and fruity notes, it’s so beautifully balanced.

Thumbs up from the SoSueMe camp. Wild Orchid is definitely worth a try.

Where to buy? Beyoncé Wild Orchid is now available in pharmacies nationwide (and there is also a free tote bag with every purchase while stocks last.)
Price: 30ml – €25.95
50ml – 33.95

Let me know what you guys think of it!

Sue xx


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  1. Nicole Kavanagh
    13 October 2014 / 15:54

    Pleaseee can I win this

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