Review: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter

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I know it has been a long time since I caught up with you guys; I have been really busy working on some projects that have taken up a lot of my time, but I am back for a brief chat today.

Recently I asked you all on an Instagram poll if you would like me to review the Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter as I just cant do my makeup without it anymore and over 90% of you said yes, so here I am.


The latest release from Charlotte Tilbury. The Hollywood Flawless Filter 

Shade I Used:

I use Number 3 which is light / medium. There are 7 shades in total: fair, light, light/medium, medium, tan, tan/dark, and dark.

What Is It:

Flawless Filter is a complexion booster that gives you a really radiant glowing complexion.

You can use it in a variety of different ways from a primer to a targeted highlighter.

How I Use It:

I choose to use it as a face base before my foundation application. It has a really nice sponge tip applicator, almost like a lip gloss applicator, so I apply two strokes to my forehead, then one stroke down the centre of my nose, on the tips of my cheeks and then one on my chin. Next I use my SOSU by SJ SF101 kabuki brush to blend it on my face.

The foundation I generally use over the CT Flawless Filter is one of my faves, Illamasqua Skin Base (which I reviewed here last year) and even though the coverage level of this foundation would be pretty strong, you could still see the beautiful radiant healthy glow the Flawless Filter gives the skin.

I should note that my skin type is normal to dry/dehydrated so I found this product really easy to use and it really complimented my skin type. If you have oily skin or if you don’t really like a full-faced glowy finish, then I would recommend using this as a targeted highlighter instead of a base.

If you don’t want to use it as base or as a targeted highlighter, you can also mix it with your foundation. You can wear it on its own without any makeup if you want that beautiful dewy fresh look but bear in mind, it’s not a concealer or a substitute for foundation.

It has a slight tint but it won’t cover imperfections. If, however, you are blessed with really clear skin then it would be great on its own but I can’t see many people using it for this reason alone.

I used it a lot as part of my makeup routine when on holiday recently in Croatia. I applied it as a base, then I applied my foundation, followed by my contour, and then my own highlighter. I found that when I wore it with my own highlighter, it really made it pop even more.

I should note that while I was away, I switched between 2 types of foundation bases, depending on the coverage and the look I wanted.

After applying Flawless Filter as a primer, some nights I would use my cream sticks as my foundation. I use both the conceal and warm shades to create the colour I want, and then blend them into my skin using my Kabuki brush.

Next I contour with powder from my Ultimate Trio palette, and then I apply my glow cream stick on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my brow arch and on my Cupids Bow.

To finish, I then dust on some Unicorn Dust and Shooting Star from my highlighter palette.

On other nights, I would apply the Flawless Filter as a primer before using my Illamasqua Foundation. I would mix the shades 6 and 12 to get the shade I wanted. When I wasn’t using my highlighter palette, I would instead use the champagne highlighter shade from my Trio palette.

When I’m on holiday, I love that super dewy, super highlighted look, so I loved the overall result the Flawless Filter helped me to create when I combined it with my own highlight and cream sticks.

Why I Liked It: 

I loved the finish it gave my skin and how it made my complexion look really fresh. It also made my highlighter pop even more.

The Finish:

Your face will be quite dewy and glowy if you use it as a primer. If you don’t like that type of finish, however, I would suggest using it as a targeted highlighter over your foundation so you can draw the light to specific areas such as the tips of your cheekbones, your Cupid’s Bow, the the bridge of your nose, the arch of your brows, etc.

How Much Is It: €40

Where Do I Get It: You can pick it up in Brown Thomas, but it ‘s also available online from Charlotte Tilbury and Selfridges.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pop them in the comment box below. 

Have a great week, guys!

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