SOSU Contour Palette- Our Second PRE-SALE !


Hi guys!

There’s such a great buzz around SoSueMe HQ this evening as pre-sale time get’s closer and closer!!

As I explained on my Snapchat last night, the next batch of the SOSU Complete Contour Palettes won’t be arriving into the warehouse until March 7th and because there has been SUCH a phenomenal demand for the product, I have decided to launch another pre-sale on the next batch coming in because I know that lots of you have gone to great lengths trying to get one.

Some of you even drove for over an hour to different chemists in search of one! It would be an understatement to say that I’m shocked by the interest in my palettes!

The pre-sale will go live HERE at 8pm sharp, but please bear in mind that the palettes bought in the pre-sale will not be shipped out to you until the second week of March.

sosu contour

I know from the emails I have received that lots of you have been dying to get your hands on it, some of you are abroad, some of you just cant find it in stock in your home town etc. The last thing I want is for any reader to be disappointed and so this is why I decided to have another pre-sale on the March batch.

There is a limited number of palettes available, so if you want to get your hands on a palette, then make sure you’re ready to go on the dot of 8pm!

It’s fair to say we didn’t anticipate the massive demand for the palette when I first launched it a few weeks ago. Not in a million years did we think that the entire lot in our warehouse would sell out in the space of just a week and a half. Like that is crazy!!

Happy Contouring and thank you for your lovely feedback to date.

Shop the palette here.

Lot’s of contoured love



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