The Hair & Makeup Favourites of Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston. It’s like she can’t put a foot wrong. She looks better now than she did twenty years ago! (And I really hope she releases a picture or two from her wedding day, I’m dying to see what kind of bridal look she went for!)

The beauty blogger in me has always wanted to know Jen’s favourite products, so this week I went searching.

It turns out she and I have something in common! A love of Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I’m not surprised it’s her all time favourite. It’s a seriously fab foundation, and once you try it, you will be obsessed with it! Last year, I featured it here as one of my favourites.


Jennifer is actually a big fan of Chanel cosmetics in general and uses mainly their makeup products. It is known that she loves their Inimitable Mascara.

You know how Jen’s skin always looks so sunkissed? Well to highlight her sallow skin, she applies a dusting of her favourite bronzing powder, Chanel’s Tan de Soleil, in the shade, Terre Ambre. She likes to use it to brighten her cheeks, and has in the past raved about the gorgeous subtle shimmer it contains.


When it comes to her famous locks, Jennifer uses products from the Living Proof haircare range she created in conjunction with her own hairstylist Chris McMillan. Chris has been her hairdresser for years, and is also the man responsible for creating the famous ‘Rachel’ haircut!

According to Chris, Jennifer likes to shampoo and condition her hair pretty much every day as she loves the freshly-washed look, however, when she wants a more textured style, he will create it using Living Proof’s dry shampoo. Chris is also the hair stylist to Jennifer’s pal, Courtney Cox, so it’s likely that she too uses the Living Proof range.


Jennifer loves deep conditioners, and whenever she is in the salon, she will often have a professional treatment using Shu Uemura products. According to Chris, Jennifer gets her hair cut every six weeks, but in between visits, she takes extremely good care of her tresses.

She isn’t rough with her hair when it’s wet, taking care to only use a wide tooth comb, and, whenever she’s not working, she will give it a break from hot styling tools and products, by letting her hair dry on its own. In fact, they avoid using heated styling tools whenever possible! Chris also once revealed that Jen used to love the Aussie range of haircare products, in particular, the 3 Minute Miracle conditioning hair mask!

So there you have it guys, Jenny’s favourites!



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