The ‘Louboutin Mani’ You Can Do At Home


We’ve gone nail-crazy here at So Sue Me with the excitement of the SOSU nail polish collection launching next week!!

So when we spotted this little nail trend we couldn’t help but share it with you …. The ‘Louboutin Manicure’.

Yep, that’s right, they’ve somehow managed to combine our favourite lust-worthy shoe with our nails. How cool?


Girls all over Instagram and Tumblr are trending the hell out of this look, painting the underside of their nails red and the nail top black – a really cool edge if you’re a black nailed fan!!!

The best part is, it’s said that back in 1992 when Christian Louboutin was designing his first shoe, he painted the underside with his assistants red nail polish because he felt the shoe was ‘missing something’. Now the look has returned to it’s beginning.

What we like even more is we can try this trend at home.



Christian Louboutin Nails




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