The SOSU Complete Contour Palette – Your Questions Answered!

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Hi guys!

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday.

Today’s blog post will answer all your questions about the SOSU Complete Contour Palette.

Since I unveiled my new product, some of you wanted to know things like the best brushes to use with the palette, if it was paraben-free, cruelty-free, etc, so I have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions along with my answers to each one!


Is it suitable for oily skin?

Yes. This is not a product that is only suitable for certain skin types.

The cream concealers create quite a dewy effect so if you have oily skin then I would recommend that you use the  setting powders that also come in the palette.

Is it cruelty-free?

Absolutely! It is 100% cruelty-free.

I’m a huge animal lover so any product I ever bring to market will most definitely be cruelty-free.

Is it paraben-free?

The Complete Concealer Palette is 100% paraben-free. It has also been clinically tested so it is top standard in every way possible.


When will it be available to order again?

It will be back on sale on SOSU.ie in the the last week of February, however from tomorrow onwards it will be stocked in selected pharmacies and salons nationwide.

If you would like to be notified by email when it is back in stock then please email your name and location to [email protected] and type ‘Restock Email’ in the subject line.

Will you be getting more pre-sale stock?

No. A certain amount was put aside for pre-sale and we had anticipated that it would last us a week or two. We didn’t expect it to completely sell out in the space of a few hours!

Will the SOSU Pro-Blender be stocked in pharmacies as well?

Yes. At the moment, it’s not currently being stocked in pharmacies but I have plans to distribute to pharmacies in the coming months. In fact, the reason I developed the Pro-Blender in the first place was for my contour palette! It’s such a great blending tool especially for concealers and it’s super affordable priced at just €4.99.


Will it be on sale in Penneys?


Will you do a tutorial demonstrating how to use the palette?

Yes, I hope to record one in the coming days on how to use the full palette from the different concealers to the highlighters. I will keep you posted.

Will you be shipping internationally?

Yes. Lots of orders have already come in from the states and Australia. When the palettes are back in stock, we will be shipping worldwide (relevant shipping rates apply)

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Will it be sold in Boots?

At the moment SOSU isn’t for sale in Boots but we’re working on it.

Am I too pale for these shades?

No. I myself am naturally extremely pale. I’m a big lover of fake tan, but there are days when I don’t have any fake tan on and on those days, I still use the contour palette. The thing about contouring is that it doesn’t need to be intense. It could be a subtle contour using shade 4 which is a lighter contour colour and shade 1 (light concealer) or shade 5 as your highlighter.


Contouring isn’t always necessarily about creating shadows. It can be about using the highlighter for that a beautiful dewy strobing effect. If you are very pale and not into the contouring, the palette will still work for you – you could try out my powders. Shade 3 is a yellow banana powder and shade 6 is a dark golden matte bronzer. Both of these are very buildable. You can get a hint of bronze with one sweep or build it up if you want a more intense look. The shades in the palette are all buildable so you can create different looks with different intensities.

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What brushes do you use to blend it in?

In my opinion the best brushes for contouring are as follows:

For the application of contour – the SS001 Oval Foundation Brush.

To apply the concealer – the C456 Pointed Blender. This can also be used for highlighting as it has great precision.

To blend – I love the C436 Duo Fibre Blender Brush.

I would definitely recommend the C473 Pro Contour Brush for applying the contour shades. This is a fantastic brush.

I also swear by the SOSU Pro Blender. It’s great for taking away any harsh lines and for pushing the product into skin so that it’s not cakey-looking. The Pro blenders are available to purchase here.

When it comes to brushes, there is no hard and fast rule about what to use, because when it comes down to it, it’s really about personal preference.

Will you bring out different variations of colours

When I was creating this palette, I went with the shades that are most frequently-used in contouring. I spoke to makeup artists and lots of industry experts about the type of shades they liked to use for contouring, and the end result was yellow and golden tones, so that’s what I incorporated into my palette. The shades in my palette are not only the most popular colours but also the most complimenting.

My skin would naturally be more pinky-toned but I prefer to wear yellow tones because they are more flattering on me.

I have plans to eventually launch different shade grades, especially if this palette does well. That won’t be for a while yet but it’s definitely on the agenda.


What colour polish were you wearing on your nails in the announcement video?

The colour I’m wearing is from the new SOSU Spring/Summer line. It’s called Bitter Sweet and it’s one of my own personal favourites. There will be 8 new colours on the market and they will be available for purchase this month from SOSU.ie as well as pharmacies, stores and salons nationwide.

What salons and pharmacies will be stocking it?

Hard to say right now because I don’t look after distribution. I have a distributor who takes care of that side of things. When I have an updated stockists list, I will post it on the blog so you can see exactly who is stocking it.

If you guys have any more questions, just pop them in the comment box below!

Again, thank you for the wonderful feedback so far and don’t forget to #SOSUcontour so I can see your creations. 





  1. Katie Mayock
    8 February 2016 / 22:36

    What shops can I purchase it in please?

  2. Jessica M
    29 January 2016 / 10:32

    This looks fab! So amazing to see Irish businesswomen going from strength to strength, here’s to world domination 😀

  3. Lisa Essuman
    27 January 2016 / 21:28

    Do you think the palette is too light for dark/brown skin? Thanks! 🙂

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