The Perfect Cut-Crease Made Easy!


Hey Guys!

So as much as some of us try, a cut crease look can often go wrong and make us look like we have more of a black eye than a smokey one, but US beauty blogger Brittany Foley has provided some clever insight in to mastering this popular eye make-up look.

All you will need is a…….plastic spoon! 🙂


No it is not an expensive brush, product or anything else just a regular plastic spoon to provide that perfect curve that will sit directly into your socket providing the rounded shape of your natural crease, and avoiding any fall off of product onto the rest of your eye.

Simply hold the spoon so that the curve sits into the natural fold in your eye then use your chosen eye shadow shade to fill in the area directly above where the spoon sits, and voila! a perfect cut-crease 🙂


Could this be the next big make-up technique, or a silly fad?

What do you guys think, would you try it? 🙂




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