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Hi guys!

I have had SUCH a great day wedding venue hopping with our wedding planner Gotcha Covered. I’m absolutely wrecked, but at the same time thrilled with how everything went. Those of you following me on Snpachat will know that myself and Dylan were venue-hopping for the second time today and we visited some stunning locations!

I can’t wait to tell you guys how it all went in my new wedding blog which will be launching in the next few weeks.

Anyway, after all our running around today, my makeup stayed perfectly in place so I thought I would write a blog post all about a little tip for long lasting makeup, no matter the weather.

> Makeup Setting Sprays!

I have to admit, when setting sprays came out, I thought they were a gimmick, but I have to say, I found some have made a huge difference to my make-up and now my routine isn’t complete without a spritz from one of my faves!

The whole idea behind using a makeup setting spray is not only to set the makeup but to also help enhance either a dewy or matte finish, as well as lighten the feel of the makeup. Sometimes, after applying a lot of product, your face can feel a little makeup heavy, but rest assured after a little a spritz or 2 of a setting spray  – your makeup will feel light and dewy again.

I also love to use my settings sprays as a moist solution to dampen my SOSU Pro Beauty Blender before I apply concealer, foundation or creme highlighter. I find it helps create more of a flawless result (and blender is made even easier this way).

As there’s a lot of makeup sprays on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to go for, so I thought I would put together a list of my TOP 3, from budget-friendly right up to high-end.

So let’s get started…..

1. Urban Decay Setting Spray

Price €30


Number one on my list is of course the Urban Decay Setting Spray. It’s the priciest of the 3, but worth every cent in my opinion.

This is my favourite spray for many reasons. First of all, it does everything it promises, particularly with regard to extending the longevity of your makeup. This was the setting spray I used today and it really gave my makeup serious staying power.

Second of all, the nozzle is much better than what you would find a lot of other setting sprays. Some nozzles ‘spit’ the product on to your face and you end up with most of it on one part of the face, but the Urban Decay spray however spritzes the product nicely on to your skin, so it’s more like a mist.

It also smells gorgeous (you know how I am about nice-smelling products!) and it always gives my makeup a gorgeous dewy finish too, which is my overall favourite thing about it.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

30ml – here // 118ml – here

2. Inglot Makeup Setting Spray 

Price €14


My second favourite is the Inglot Makeup Fixer Spray, and for €14, it’s very reasonably priced considering how good it is. Some of you will remember me using this product in my contouring video. It’s soooo good! I especially love it because it comes in a travel size so it’s quite compact, perfect to throw in the makeup bag.

As well as being a good setting spray, the dewy finish it offers is one I absolutely love.

It’s also one of those bottles that’s refillable. You can screw off the top and use it again for face oils, etc.

Inglot Makeup Fixer Spray 

150ml – here // 50ml – here

3. NYX Makeup Setting Spray 

Price: €7


Third on the list is the budget friendly NYX setting spray. There’s one specifically for a matte finish and one for dewy, depending no your preference.

The matte spray really does give a very matte finish, and likewise the dewy spray gives a lovely highlighted effect.

Even though it costs just €6 or €7, the quality of the product was brilliant. Whenever I used it, it held my makeup perfectly in place and gave it a nice finish.

NYX Makeup Setting Spray – Here


My overall favourite however has got to be the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray. I only use about 3 spritzs from a distance and it works like a dream.

A tip for you is to always spray it around 30-40 cm from your face. I prefer to spray it into the air and then let it fall onto my skin so that it’s more of a nice soft mist. If you haven’t been using your setting spray for a while, always spray it into the air first otherwise the nozzle may ‘spit’ product onto your skin which is never a good look!

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There you have it guys, my top 3 setting sprays that not only keep your makeup in place but also help create a fab finish.

If you have one you can’t live without, let me know int he comment box below. 





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