The Victorias Secret Beauty Diaries – Gisele!


I’m a massive fan of Victoria’s Secret, and, like most girls, I have always been hugely interested in the kind of products the VS models use every day, whether it be daily basics or top-of-the-range cosmetics. After all, these models are favourites of the paparazzi, which means they pretty much have to look their absolute best 24/7. Not only that….. but who doesn’t love knowing what other women have as their beauty must haves!!

It’s like rummaging through their makeup bags 🙂

So with this in mind, I decided to create the VS Beauty Diaries!


Each day this week, we will feature the beauty secrets of some of the most beautiful and best known Victoria’s Secret models!

Up first we delve into Gisele Bundchen’s beauty room.

And here are the products the gorgeous Mrs Tom Brady is currently loving!


Benefit Miss Popularity Highlighter

As you guys know by now, I absolutely LOVE the glowy dewy look that I get from highlighters, and Gisele, it seems, is a girl after my own heart!
She once said that she likes to use a little of Benefit’s Miss Popularity highlighter around her eyes to brighten her overall look.

Crème De La Mer Lip Balm

Gisele is a huge fan of the Crème De La Mer Lip Balm as it makes her lips feel smooth and silky.

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Invisalign Braces

It might be hard to believe, but not all supermodels have permanently perfect smiles! Not even Gisele! Thanks to Invisalign braces, however, she got her million dollar smile back. I know first hand just how good Invisalign braces can be. My boyfriend Dylan and I have both used Invisalign in the past – you can read about my story here – and just yesterday, I posted details of a fab competition where one SoSueMe reader can win a voucher worth €2000 off their Invisalign treatment.

Gisele first started wearing her clear Invisalign braces when she noticed that one of her teeth had moved. She once told an interviewer, “A photographer was using a side light, which created a shadow across my mouth. I saw a Polaroid, and it looked like I had no tooth! So I went to the dentist and got Invisalign.”


Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper

Gisele, by her own admission, is “obsessed with Max Factor’s 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper.” She has very light lashes, so dark mascara is what she turns to whenever she wants to make her whole face “look awake.” Her reason for loving the Max Factor mascara is because it makes her look as though she is wearing fake lashes.

Lancôme’s Pink Foaming Cleanser / Victoria’s Secret Total Makeup Remover

Like most people in the beauty industry, Gisele regularly changes moisturisers, however, the two staple items on her bathroom shelf that never change are her eye and makeup removers or, to be more precise, Lancôme’s Pink Foaming Cleanser for the face, and Victoria’s Secret Total Makeup Remover for the eyes. So why the love affair with these two products in particular? Her reasoning is simple. They both work wonders and are very gentle on her skin.1

Victoria’s Secret Shine Serum

Gisele swears she doesn’t own a hairbrush, which, if I’m being honest, I find very hard to believe! According to the model herself, “I don’t do much with my hair. I wash it, but I don’t own a brush. When the ends get frizzy, I apply a little bit of Victoria’s Secret Shine Serum to them. Then my hair looks done.”


Nelsons Acne Gel

Gisele says she first discovered this little wonder-product when she had a “really horrible pimple, and a makeup artist gave me Nelsons Acne Gel.”
She added, “I kept putting it on, and my pimple went away. I was like, This is great! It doesn’t burn your skin either!”

Dr Alkaitis Organic Eye Crème

The gorgeous Mrs Tom Brady has often spoke about her love for organic skincare products. One of her favourites is Dr Alkaitis Organic Eye Crème, which, she once joked, “is so natural, you can almost eat it!”

GGisele’s Lip Tint Trick: Top make-up artist Rose Marie Swift once revealed that she creates a tinted lip balm especially for Gisele, and “uses a lip tint instead of a blush to contour Gisele’s cheeks!”

There you have it guys, Gisele’s favourite products! Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow for the next installment of VS Diaries!

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