What is Strobing & How To Do It!


If there is one thing I love to keep up with, it has to be makeup trends. We’ve heard a lot of makeup terminology in the last two years, including the words contouring, highlighting, strobing, baking, and so on.

Today I am here to delve into the world of Strobing. What is it, who does it and why do it!

I have been hearing this term a LOT lately and so I decided to do a little research and inform you guys as to why this word is the talk of the makeup industry.

As we all know, the contouring trend has been hot for a while now. Contouring came to light about two years ago when the famous Kim K posted a snap to her Instagram account and the world went crazy for it. At the time it was like almost a hidden secret and when she posted that picture, everyone wanted a piece of the contouring pie, including myself.

A few weeks later, I recorded a YouTube video showing ‘How to Contour like a Celeb’ and although I look back now at it and cringe, because I was definitely doing it wrong (too much blending), it got us all started in the world of contouring and many of you LOVED it.

The contouring concept is pretty easy… all you do is use a concealer or powder two shades darker and lighter on certain areas of your face to give the illusion of a oval face and viola! Of course some still find it a little challenging and definitely super time consuming when you don’t know how – but worry not,  because strobing is the newest makeup craze and it takes half the time! YAY!

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So what is it?

Strobing is solely focussing on highlighting the face; making certain areas of your face POP so you look extra chiselled and super healthy. All you have to do is raid your highlighter makeup drawer- (this is by far the biggest makeup section in my makeup kit due to my LOVE for dewy skin) and get strobbing.

How to do it?

I would suggest applying a generous amount of your fave highlighter to the tips of your cheek bones, centre of your nose, below your brow bone, above the arch of your brows, and at the corners of your eyes and then blend with a brush.


What products do I suggest?

1. MAC Soft & Gentle  (€28, buy here)

The perfect soft pink/pale highlighter to give you that radiant look.

2. Mary-Louimazer by theBalm (€25, buy here)

One of my faves on the market, super pigmented and so affordable

3. No7 Instance Radiance Highlighter (€12.95, buy here)

I had this in my goodies bag at the weekend for my #SoSueMeWorkshop & everyone loved it. It’s the perfect highlighting stick and gives off a stunning glowing complexion. Read my review here.

4. Inglot Sparkling Dust €20, buy here)

Without a doubt, one of my all time fave highlighters. Perfect for giving you that extra glowing look that really stands out.

5. Mac Strobe Cream (€29, buy here)

I would used this as my base every single day. Mac strobe cream is the perfect makeup base for that dewy, healthy looking skin.

strobbing tools

What brushes do I suggest?

1. The fan brush €7.52

For a powder I would recommend this fan brush. I always apply my highlighter with it, it really is perfect for sweeping highlight across the areas you wish you highlight.

2. The pointed concealer brush €11

This is also great for blending in highlight that needs to be close to the eye or on smaller areas such as the face including the centre of the nose.

3. The face blender €12.53

This is another great one for blending out any cream highlight.


And there you have it! Strobing is highlighting and in abundance – I am delighted to hear that!! 

Happy highlighting guys!

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  1. Toni Christmasfairy Guidon
    3 August 2015 / 23:00

    I will give it a whirl …..maybe get my teenager to be Guinea pig lol… Thanks him x

  2. michelle k
    21 July 2015 / 19:41

    Can you post a video of strobbing???

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