Want Glowing Skin? I Have The Answer


Who doesn’t want radiant skin?

I have blogged many times before about glowing skin, which you can read here and here. But after receiving many emails about my highlighters and shimmery skin over the last month, I thought I would put together an updated highlighter blog post!

To create a youthful, dewy and a glowing  complexion, a highlighter is a MUST!  You hear me banging on about ‘that dewy skin’ all the time and there is a reason behind it, glowing skin looks youthful, clean and eye catching.

It’s easy to achieve this glowing look no matter what skin condition you may have, and while you think glowing skin may be all about shimmer/ shine, you’re wrong – it’s more about reflecting light in the best possible way. 

1. MAC Strobe Cream


This has been around donkeys years and I am only starting to really love it now. Strobe cream is a moisturiser that boosts tired and dull skin illuminating your look all thanks to the iridescent particles in the solution. It really is a god-sent of a product and one I can’t live without.

€29 (buy here)

2. MAC Soft & Gentle / MAC Global Glow


I have both and LOVE them. These are hands down the best highlighters I have ever used. I was never really much of a MAC junkie but boy am I loving their stuff lately. I bought both of these highlighters one day on a friends discount card 🙂 and I havent stopped using them.

The Soft & Gentle colour is quite pink and silvery on the skin which I love, but on holidays I had picked up a bit of a tan and so I decided to start using my GLOBAL GLOW one instead. This is the highlighter you guys admired in my pics and the one I would be recommending over the two.

If you have pale skin, go with Soft & Gentle, and if you have olive skin  – go with the Global Glow version. They’re both LUSH 🙂

global glow

€28 (Buy MAC Soft & Gentle here)

€28 (Buy MAC Global Glow here)

3. Flormar Blush On #44


I was recenrly sent this product to try out ahead of their big launch here in Ireland very soon and it’s amazing! I love the colour combinations in this creation and it really does give you a little bit of each colour on the cheeks. Most times you come across these highlighters and they have FAB colours through them, but they only come out one colour… this gives your skin a lovely warm glowy finish and for a better price than MAC – this is your budget buy. This range will be available in pharmacies soon.

€15 (circa) See here

4. Sleek Palette 


Available in four shade selections from Fair to Dark this palette contains a contouring powder, highlighter, and blush. 3 in one? Bingo!! The Fair and Light shade selections contain Rose Gold Blush which is a lovely golden peach (a la NARS Orgasm) and a beautiful creamy beige highlighter which is simply amazing!! I am currently using the MEDIUM trio because I love a warm, dewy finish to the skin and this trio gives off just that look!

€13 (Buy here)

5. CrownBrush Highlighter


Look at that sparkle!! I recently recommended this as a dupe for MAC soft and Gentle at my Waterford Workshop last month. This is a gorgeous lightweight, silky powder highlighting powder that is great for adding radiance to the skin for a perfect, glowy complexion.

It costs just €8 and for anyone who would rater not spend too much on makeup, but wants that highlighted pigment just as much – then I say go with this. It’s really good and for that price – you can’t go wrong.

P.S: I’m not sure why it says MATTE on the lid, but trust me, it’s from from matte 🙂

€8 (Buy here)


Playsuit: here 
Shoes: here

I have some other faves of course like the Inglot Sparkling Dust, the Mary Louminizer by theBalm etc, but for now – the above are the ones I have been using a lot lately.

What are your fave highlighters and are any of the above your fave too? I will do a body skin glowing post over the next few days, for now I think this is enough info ha. 🙂

Let me know your faves.. 





  1. Jacqueline Punktuation Rocker
    3 July 2015 / 16:24

    L’Oréal lumi magique is a great dupe for mac strobe cream. I actually prefer it to the strobe cream

  2. amy
    10 June 2015 / 20:06

    Any idea of where flormar is stocked? I used to be able to get ut in a local chemist but they stopped doing it.

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