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Is There A New Beyonce Album About To Hit iTunes?!


If the internet is to be believed, Mrs. Carter is about to surprise the world with another album…less than 12 months after she did the same with “Beyonce”!!

A supposedly real “release confirmation” document has been doing the rounds on Twitter, with a tracklist for “Beyonce; Volume  2” which includes 10 new songs and 11 new videos, including collaborations with Niecki Minaj, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake.


While something like this would be very easy to type up and just release online for the web to go nuts over, it kinda makes sense that something like this is on the way. When you consider that Beyonce has gone down this road before, that Minaj’s next album has been pushed from November 24th to December for release and also the fact that a DVD of the Mrs. Carter World Tour would be a huge hit in the lead up to Christmas, then this isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Only question now is which to go for; the digital edition on itunes November 14th or the 4 disc set including the Mrs. Carter Tour and On The Run tour on November 24th?!


(Images and source – Twitter)


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