My Favourite Winter Lipsticks!

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“Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people!”

It’s true when they say, on bad days there is always lipstick! No matter how you’re feeling, pull yourself together and apply a slick of lippy – it will instantly make you feel better!

I love lipsticks and I can never stop buying them. On a bad hair day, I will throw my hair up, fill in my brows, pop on a coat of mascara, apply some foundation, a slick of lipstick and it instantly glams up my look!


Lipstick is one of those makeup items that every girl needs a good selection of! It’s a great way to express your mood and empower your inner diva. For example…

If you want vampy – you wear a deep wine

If you want flirty – you wear a hot pink

If you want #girlboss attitude – you wear a kick ass red

If you want playful – you wear a deep purple

If you want casual – you wear a nude!

and so on…..


During the summer months, I did my favourite summer lipsticks and you guys seemed to like that blog post, so today I am here to tell you about my favourite lipsticks for Autumn/Winter.

It can be pretty hard to select a new lipstick because let’s face it, there are SO many lipsticks to choose from., but this is exactly why it’s always nice to see what colours are loved by other ladies!

I really hope this blog post today gives you some lippy ideas and lip colour inspo for the coming months!

1. No7 Love Red (Matte/Glossy)

Price: €12.95


My all time favourite red lipstick. This red colour is so fab on! It makes your teeth look whiter, which is a total thumbs up from me, AND it suits every skin tone. I love a red lipstick with blue undertones and this one from No7 is exactly that. It’s not only a beautifully intense red shade, it also lasts. This is definitely my staple red lippy.

2. Rimmel Kate Moss 01 (Matte)

Price: €6.99


Similar to a red shade but more on the wine side of the colour palette, this is another favourite winter lipstick of mine. I’m a massive fan of The Kate Moss lipstick collection. Long lasting and affordable will always win me over.

3. Buff Malinda 108 (Matte)

Price: €18


This lipstick is a gorgeous dark purple/pink (but more purple) lipstick. Think Cheryl Cole and you will know what I am talking about! This colour is one of her favourite lipstick tones and it’s even nicer when on. Suiting both blondes and brunettes, this gorgeous colour looks amazing when teamed with a nude/gold eye and some lashes!

4. Inglot 403 (Very Matte)

Price: €14


Kylie Jenner eat your heart out! This is a total Kylie colour. When I posted pics of me hosting fashion shows in Liffey Valley on Thursday night, you guys really seemed to love my makeup look, which was created by Inglot’s Fiona Hogan. You can see the picture here. Fiona applied this colour on my lips and I instantly loved it. It’s very matte, so you will need a slick of gloss over it… but it is the perfect nude colour this season.

5. Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Fatal 230 (Matte)

Price: €8.69

rimmel provocalips

I wore this colour last weekend and a lot of you loved it. It is like a browny/wine colour and it is so perfect for winter. I paired this lip-colour with a glam nude eye with liner and lashes, and it was just so fab on. You can see it here. It is very matte, so I would recommend a slick of clear gloss over it 🙂 You can read my full review on this lipstick collection here.


And there you have it… my favourite winter lipstick colours.

Happy Shopping!

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

Sue xx










  1. 11 November 2014 / 19:11

    No I dont use lip primer…. but make sure you’re lips are hydrated. x

  2. haemeotoxylin
    4 November 2014 / 23:08

    Hi sue 🙂 Any tips for application? Do you use a lip primer? Thanks!

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