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Did Jay Z Cheat On Beyonce?


Oh NO!!!! Did Beyonce publicly imply that Jay Z might have cheated on her???

While the rumours of Jay Z apparently cheating on B with a VIP Hostess are doing the rounds, Beyonce decided to unleash this bombshell!!

Lady B chose to change one very important lyric to the song her track Resentment during a performance in Ohio as part of the couple’s On The Run tour on Saturday night.

While belting out the track, which is about a woman who was cheated on, Queen Bey sang “been riding with you for 12 years” instead of the original words “been riding with you for six years.”

The song is all about a woman who was cheated on feeling the pain, with lyrics including; “I tried and I tried to forget this. But I’m too damn full of resentment. I know she was attractive but I was here first”.

Have a listen here and wait for the crowds reaction…


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