How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

brush cleaner

So this week, I decided to give my makeup brushes a good clean in preparation for the recording of my new tutorial videos for my SoSueMe Youtube channel. It was also the perfect chance for me to test out the CrownBrush Brush Shampoo and I have to say –  I was really impressed with the results.

The CrownBrush brush shampoo is far more superior to the previous CrownBrush brush cleaner I recently tried.

While although the CrownBrush ‘cleaner’ is a good product (in pink bottle), it wasn’t the best for cleaning brushes that contained heavy makeup. The CrownBrush shampoo however, is PERFECT for such a job!


The cleaning process itself didn’t even take that long either! I simply filled a shallow sink of luke warm to hot water and added a small blob of the shampoo. Once I started cleaning, the makeup pretty much glided off the bristles!

When I was cleaning the brushes, I would swirl them around the sink and then run them each over a dark towel to removes any excess water and product. Even my heavy foundation brushes were glistening afterwards, so that will tell you just how much product this shampoo is capable of removing! 😉

44551468b795b4ca22fd50b92397fce1 I know you have all heard time and time again about the importance of regularly cleaning your brushes, however, there are still so many makeup users out there who rarely, if ever, clean their tools.

Spot-causing bacteria is not the only problem created by dirty brushes! Old makeup residue from previous applications will really affect the shade of the makeup you apply today, so if ever you find yourself wondering why that translucent face powder is coming out quite dark, well it’s not the product that’s at fault, it’s the state of your brush!

Personally, I love using clean brushes! It just feels so much nicer when they are back to being as clean as the day you bought them. Once you clean yours, you will probabaly notice a difference in how your makeup turns out.


If you use your makeup brushes very often, then the shampoo is exactly what you need.

I would give the cleaner a score of 5/10, but the shampoo definitely gets a 9/10 from me. 🙂

The CrownBrush brush shampoo costs €12.49 and can be purchased here

The CrownBrush brush cleaner costs €6.24 and can be bought here

Happy cleaning!

Sue xxx



  1. 29 October 2014 / 18:18

    you will need x3:

    Flat angled to apply the contour
    Small Duo to apply the highlight
    Big Duo to blend it all in


  2. Zara
    6 July 2014 / 20:35

    Hi Sue- I’m just wondering what brush is the best for contouring?

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