Beauty: 5 Easy Make Up Tips


We all love a good make up tip, don’t we?! Here are 5 that might just make your beauty routine a little easier. 🙂

hbz-13-makeup-hacks-new-de-xlCreate a Smoky Eye with Just an Eye Pencil

Draw a slanted hash tag on the outer corner of your eyelid with a dark coloured eye pencil. Blend it, working the colour all over your eye lid, with the smudger at the end of the eye pencil. Easy smoky eyes all round!


Cover Your Eyelid with White Eye Liner to Make Eyeshadow Pop!

You can transform a sheer or pale eyeshadow into a much more dramatic looking colour by covering your eyelid with white eye pencil, before applying it. The opaque liner intensifies the colour and make it ‘pop’ more!


Apply Eye Lash Glue with a Hair Pin

I think we’ve all had an eye lash glue nightmare at some point! To get an even application of glue along your false lash line, take a hair clip and use the tip of it to apply the glue along the base of the lash. No more mess!


Use Powder to Set Your Lip Stick

To make your lip colour last longer, hold a tissue over your lips after you apply your lip shade and dust with translucent powder. The powder will set the colour meaning it won’t move or loose its vibrancy.


Create a Triangle of Concealer for Instant Brightness

Create a triangle shaped area of concealer by starting the base of the triangle underneath your lash line and moving it down, finishing the tip at the bottom of your cheek. This will help to conceal bags and dark circles, better than applying concealer just on the affected area.

It will hide redness around the eyes and the side of the face and will give the appearance that your face has been lifted, as the lightest will be underneath the eye.

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