Fake Tanning – What’s YOUR Shade? ‘Lauren’s Way’ have the answer …


It’s that time of the year where we all seek a bit of a tan. It’s basically a must-have every Summer. Even if you’re a girl who normally avoids tanning you’ll often find yourself searching the fake tan aisles for the perfect shade.

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Laurens Way (A So Sue Me tanning favourite) have developed a shade for everyone and are here to help you choose your shade this Summer.

Their LW Medium range is perfect for first-time tanners or those with fair skin. If you are nervous about trying a tan then this is the shade for you. Products in the medium range include medium bronzing lotion, medium bronzing mousse, instant wash-off glow and gradual tan. Perfect for us pale Irish girls.

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The LW Dark range is suitable for medium/dark skin tones as this will leave you with a natural bronze glow and adds glamour to any look. Products for this shade are dark bronzing lotion and dark glam tan. (They even have LW Man Tan) If you are used to tanning or are already blessed with sallow tanned skin then this is the choice for you.

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LW Darker than dark range is ideal for olive/dark skin tones providing instant colour and leaves a deep bronzed, intense colour after one application. Products available for this type are darker than dark bronzing lotion , bronzing mousse and darker than dark glam tan. 

They also have a new LW solution 60 range which is suitable for all skin tones. The light and hydrating solutution leaves a holiday looking tan that develops within 1-3 hours. No more waiting 8 hours for that lucious tan you’ve always wanted. This is available in both a spray and a mousse.


All of these great products are available from www.laurensway.com

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