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Macklemore Releases His Latest Video – Dance Off ft Idris Elba! See It Here!


Macklemore fans, listen up!

The Seattle artist and his producer Ryan Lewis have finally dropped the much-anticipated music video for their latest song ‘Dance Off ft Idris Elba.’

In true Macklemore style, the video is pretty humourous and centres around a number of dance-off battles taking place in a hotel. Actor Idris Elba makes sporadic cameos throughout and also contributes to the intro and the chorus of the song itself.

The new single is from Macklemore’s latest album This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, and it’s already a billboard hit. Following the official release of the catchy tune, Billboard’s Trending 140 Chart revealed that the track was “the fastest moving song on Twitter”.

You can watch the video right here:


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