Chic Autumnal Favourites!

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It’s taken us a while but we have finally accepted that the colder months are here and the long evenings are long gone 🙁

However, it’s not all bad! This time of year means we can rock super stylish (and super comfy) pieces such as jumpers, long sleeved dresses, and of course accessories such as hats and baker boy caps, which you can read more about here.

So, to get a head start on our autumn/winter wardrobes, we went in search of some chic Autumnal favourites!

Check them out and don’t forget to use the code SOSUE30 to get 30% OFF! 


BUT before we go any further, we know that a few of you, particularly iPhone users, are having trouble with the links.

If you click on an item below, but it won’t load, then here is how you solve the issue.

Click the product you like, if it’s blank, click the three dots located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

A number of options should pop up, one of which will be ‘Open in Safari’.

Click on this and you will be able to access the link without any problems!

If that doesn’t work, then an alternative option would be to open SoSueMe.ie through Google & not Facebook.

Now back to the post! 😉

*Please note that Suzanne may receive partial payment from the above links


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