My SOSUbySJ Nails! All Your Questions Answered!

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Hi guys

Greetings from sunny Portugal! Our last day here ūüôĀ

As most of you will know, I held a Facebook Live a couple of nights ago to announce the latest addition to the SOSUbySJ family: on-trend long lasting false nails!

So today, I thought I would recap on the announcement¬†because I know that lots of you wanted to see shots of what the nails looked like on, and also, I wanted to answer any¬†questions I didn’t get to during the Facebook Live.

Before I go any further though, to celebrate the launch of the nail range. we have created a discount code Рgiveme15  Рwhich can be used for anything on the site!

Grey-Luxe 3

Grey Luxe Nails – here

Some of you wanted to know why I chose to launch a false nail line.

Well I’m a big nail lover and so I know the struggle of trying to get to the salon for refills, and I definitely know how annoying it is to¬†lose a false nail, so because the SOSUbySJ brand is all about trying to make a beauty routine as simple and as straightforward as possible, I figured a range of long lasting false nails¬†would be the next natural step.

sosubysj nails

I also felt like the nails would be a great way to finish a look for a night out.

That way you have the staples of your routine: the contour palette, the highlighter palette, the eyeshadow palette, the false lashes, and now the nails!

Mermaid-Tail 3Mermaid Tail – here

The nail designs are all very trend driven and each pack consists of different shapes and lengths so every size is covered. I know that a few of you were wondering if they would fit petite nails. They absolutely will.

One viewer asked if there were any oval shaped nails. There is a nail file in each pack, so if you want a more oval shape, then the stiletto nail can be easily filed down to such.

Chromatic 3 - Copy

Chromatic –¬†here

I know from having worn many false nails over the years that they pop off so easily, but that’s not going to happen with the SOSUbySJ nails.¬†From the start, I was adamant that the nail glue had to be strong enough to keep the nails on for a week.

I didn’t want them popping off within hours of them being applied as I had always hated that when it happened to me. So, we created an amazing nail glue that is super strong so as to ensure you will get good longevity from your nails.


Coco Love – here

If for whatever reason you need to remove them the day after you have applied them, for example, then all you have to do is soak your nails in acetone and they will come off.

There’s 9 new styles (and that’s including the French manicure wedding nail) and each pack – which contains a mini file, a glue and a cuticle stick – costs ‚ā¨9.95. They will be available¬†from SOSUbySJ but they will also be in¬†pharmacies from today (Thursday September 14th) onwards!



I wore these when on holiday in Marbella earlier this year, and because the pink shade is quite tropical,. I decided to call them ‘Aloha’!

The diamond stud is a little SOSUbySJ touch that I love!

See them here


Brilliance 4 - Copy

One of my faves! I just think the grey ombre with the glitter detail is perfect for this time of year.

See it here

Coco Love

Coco-Love 2 - Copy

Coco Love – no prizes for guessing the canine cutie that inspired the name of this style! ūüôā

I decided to add a piercing to this style after I spotted Kim Kardashian wearing pierced nails earlier this year. I thought it added a very on-trend twist to the nails.

See them here

Marble Romance

Marble-RomanceYou can mix and match how you wear these.

If you prefer, you can wear one marble style on your ring finger and keep the rest pink. It’s up to you!

See them here



I LOVE rose gold Рit was even the colour theme at my wedding Рso naturally I wanted to incorporate it into my nail range.

You can mix and match the nail designs in the pack to suit your preference.

See them here

Mermaid Tail


I’m currently wearing these in Portugal at the moment!

I love the shade and it seems to be one of the top faves amongst you guys also!

See them here

Grey Luxe 


Grey NEVER dates so I knew this colour had to be part of the collection.

It’s also an ideal shade for Autumn/Winter!

See them here

Blossom Touch


I think these are going to be hugely popular!

Again, you can mix and match so if you don’t want the foil detail on every nail, you don’t have to wear them that way.

See them here

Cosmic Pink


This is for the girls who love a Barbie style of nail.

When I was researching the different nail designs, this statement pink colour kept popping up as a very popular style, so I knew I had to include them but with a chrome finish to make them very on-trend.

See them here

Wedding Nails


This was inspired by the style of maincure I had for my wedding last month, and was the first false nail I released.

If you like a classic style, then I think these will really suit you.

See them here

There you have it guys, the full low down on the latest addition to the SOSUbySJ family! 

Hope you like the new collection!



  1. Jamie
    20 December 2017 / 17:01

    I used these nails for the first time back in Oct. I use to get my acrylics done and spend 45-55 on them.and refill between, and I got no lasting with them!

    Had the mermaid ones for my first set, put them on and I could’ve have worn them for the full month!!!!! They literally only lifted on the 3rdweek and it was nothing at all! So i have now switched from a big acrylic bill monthly to ‚ā¨9 For a box of glue on. And I am.very heavy handed.
    Once I realised how good they were I went out and got all the pallets and find them better than any big brand!

    Couldn’t advise these products more!! My only negative thing to say which a huge positive to the brand.. they’re never bleeding in stock anywhere!!! Haha

    Trying the lashes for the first time this weekend!! Not a lash wearer so starting with the Katies, can’t wait

  2. Gemma
    17 December 2017 / 11:40

    I used these nails for the first time 2 and a half weeks ago, I was initially quite happy with them and received lots of compliments. After soaking my poor fingers in acetone and warm water on numerous occasions, I still have 7 stubborn nails that will not come off. My only resort is to pay a beautician to try to remove them. I will NEVER use these nails again.

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