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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!

This week I am writing a little life update. I am back in Portugal and will spend the next few months over here with Dylan. Dylan and I have been coming out to Portugal for the last few years, and it is one of our favourite places on Earth, as I’m sure you all know by now!

We are excited to be back. We are currently renting a villa for a few months, and at the moment, we are just trying to get stuck in, doggie-proof it and make it our home away from home. What we love most about being in Portugal is the lifestyle. Everything is so laid back. We train, eat well, rest, and are more structured with our time between work and leisure, and, of course, the weather is a massive bonus. Portugal has such a lovely vibe and has some gorgeous restaurants and really nice people. We love splitting our time between Ireland and Portugal, and I will be back and forth to Ireland for some upcoming work commitments over the next few weeks, which I am very excited about.

I was chatting on Instagram stories on Sunday and was filling you guys in on how hectic these last few weeks have been. 2023 only began for me at the beginning of April, as I was tied up in Dancing with the Stars until the end of March. What an experience, by the way. I never expected it to take over every facet of my life in the way that it did. Soon enough, I will blog about that experience and explain why it was the best thing I ever did for anyone interested.

Anyway…. In April, I spent my time relaxing with Dylan and our dogs, catching up with friends and family, getting stuck into new product development in SOSU and Dripping Gold and getting back to my usual content on SoSueMe Instagram. It’s been a busy but amazing few weeks, and it was great to fully dive back into all things SOSU.

On another note, I wanted to check in regarding vitamins/supplements, as I’m honestly asked every day what I take. I’ve only gotten into supplements in the last year or two, but I feel the effects in an amazingly positive way. I’m more energised, I feel healthier & my skin & hair are in good nick. Now… it’s definitely something you have to actively get into the habit of doing….. You might know that I am a massive fan of the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. James speaks about the tiny habitual daily changes we can incorporate that, over a long period of time, have a huge impact on our lives. I couldn’t recommend the book/audiobook more for anyone interested.

This book discusses the positive impact of creating habits and ‘habit stacking’. This is when you do something and then reward yourself, i.e. take your Symprove first thing in the morning and spend the 10 minutes between making your favourite breakfast to reward yourself with. I love to juice in the morning, so the habit stack that I have incorporated into my morning routine is to wake up, take my Symprove, wait 10 minutes, have a good breakfast with eggs, fruit and juice, and take my vitamins. I look forward to this so much every morning, I feel like I am doing good for my body, and it sets me up for the day.

To answer your questions- here is a list of what I am loving at the moment:


I have been taking Symprove for about two years now, I’d say. When I stopped taking Symprove, I noticed the difference. I can’t live without it. Symprove supports a healthy gut and can help with digestion, brain, and immune health.

Take your shot of Symprove first thing in the morning before food, and then wait 10 minutes to eat. By making this part of your morning habit, you will notice the difference in your body. Reward yourself with your favourite breakfast afterwards to help embed those healthy habits over time.

Revive Zest Active

After taking my Symprove, I add a sachet to a glass of water and have it alongside my vitamins and juice in the morning. Revive Zest is fantastic for the immune system and energy levels as it has 25 active ingredients.

Vitamin C Zooki

I love taking my Vitamin C. I take two sachets a day. One in the morning and one at lunch/the evening. You can have it straight from the sachet or mixed into water, smoothies, shakes, yoghurt, porridge, granola & more. There is 1000mg of Liposomal Vitamin C per 15ml sachet. 


We add a scoop of magnesium to our Lab Tonica tea every night before bed. I mention the tea below, but the reason we add magnesium is that it is a natural stress relief and is fantastic for sleep. It is 100% natural and also helps to restore healthy magnesium levels and balance your calcium intake, including dissolving any excess calcium in the body.

fabÜ R&R Relax

Another supplement I love to take for sleep is the Irish brand fabÜ  R&R Relax capsules. It has eight active ingredients to support your psychological function, nervous system, and mental performance and reduce tiredness and fatigue. I love these. I think they’re great. If you pop two an hour before bed, you’ll be out cold. They’re also natural.

You can get the above supplements at Meaghers Pharmacy, and if you use the code ‘Sue15’ you will get 15% off.


This is a new product I have come across, and I am obsessed. Dylan got me into this. I follow a few doctors on Instagram, and they speak about the benefits of adding electrolytes to your water, and so far, this is one I am loving.

G&G HYDRATE rapidly replenishes and rehydrates your body. G&G HYDRATE is packed with ocean minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and other vitamins to keep you hydrated after physical activity or other day-to-day activities. Containing zero sugar and is naturally flavoured with watermelon & lemon juice.

If you go onto G&G Kombucha and use the code ‘Suzanne10’, you will get 10% off.

Lab Tonica Herbal Tea

I mentioned recently in my stories how Dylan and myself tried this one night before bed, and we slept like logs! This tea is a grounding blend of botanicals to help you relax & take a moment. A minty, fresh and comforting flavour with premium cuts of lemon balm, ashwagandha, hawthorn, gotu kola, linden blossom, peppermint and fennel. I add my magnesium here.

I love nothing more than sitting in bed drinking a cup of tea and listening to one of my favourite podcasts or reading a book to help unwind the mind. This tea is perfect before bed.

Air Up Water bottle

Such a fantastic idea to help you drink more water. You can purchase different flavoured pods for the bottle, and you might think it tastes like the pods, but the flavour of the water doesn’t change! Its craziness!

The thing about taste is that around 80%* of what we perceive as flavour is derived from what we’re smelling. Many assume that taste is entirely achieved through tongues and taste buds. But, in reality, the tongue is only partially responsible for a portion of the flavour experience.

So, with air up, you’re drinking just water and experiencing flavour through scent.

In addition to ensuring I keep on top of my vitamins and supplements, I visited BloodWorks in Skerries last week, where I had a full blood check, breast ultrasound and a smear test done. This is a private service which I paid for myself, but I think it’s worth every cent. It’s so efficient, and I had my blood results back within 48 hours & the ultrasound results there and then. The smear will take two weeks.
After getting my blood done, it showed I am low on iron, so I have also started taking the Active Strong for Women. You can also get these at Meaghers Pharmacy.

We’re so mindful these days to ensure that our mental health is in order, but let’s also remember to keep on top of our physical health. I think it’s so important to keep on top of regular medical checks and prioritise the time to go for them.

Of course, all things considered, I am in no way a doctor, and I am not saying this is what you should be taking, but I just wanted to give you guys an update on some of the vitamins and supplements I find are amazing and what works for me and why. So if you’re unsure about taking any of the supplements mentioned above, it would be best to always speak to a medical professional before deciding to take something. Also important to remember they are only supplements after all and are in no way a replacement for whole foods!

And that’s it from me, guys. I am always asked on my Instagram about my favourite vitamins and supplements, so I hope that breaks it down for you.

Chat soon,



  1. Paula Reilly
    5 May 2023 / 20:06

    Remarkable lady….

  2. Suzanne Duffy
    5 May 2023 / 00:01

    Thats great suzanne thank you!

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