My Trip To Specsavers & The Frames I Chose!

suzanne jackson

I am forever getting questions on Snapchat about my glasses, so I thought I would do a blog post on my frames etc.

I already have a pair of Missoni and Boss Orange glasses, but a few weeks ago, I picked up some new Max & Co frames which I absolutely love.

I first started wearing glasses a couple of years ago after I had my eyes tested in Specsavers. (You can read about that process here.) Before I got the glasses, I had been suffering from the most horrible headaches, and as it turns out, they were caused by the long hours I was spending on my computer! Downside of being a blogger..

At the time, I picked up a fab pair of Missoni specs which also had a special glare coating for when I was working on computer, and the difference those glasses made was unreal! The headaches stopped and the pressure on my eyes completely lifted.

suzanne jackson

In recent months I started to notice a change in how my eyes felt. It’s hard to describe, they just felt quite tired, so I decided to go back in and get them re-tested in case I needed to get my prescription updated.

If you spend long hours on a computer each day like me, then you really should be proactive when it comes to the health of your eyes. In fact, we should all be taking better care of our eyes considering how often we all stare at the bright screen on our phones.

I went back to Specsavers again – as that’s where I had gone the first time around – and they were so helpful! The testing process itself is so quick and painless. In fact, it’s not even boring by any stretch of the imagination! You have to go through a few mini-tests and I actually found them quite fun to do.

max and co

My new Max & Co frames!

The only part that’s not fun is when they have to insert a tiny puff of air on the eye. Because you keep expecting it, you keep pulling your head back before it actually happens! (Remember when Rachel Greene on Friends went to the optician and kept jumping back before the puff of air was released? Well that’s the same one!) It’s not painful though. In fact, it’s not even uncomfortable.

Choosing the frames was the hardest part because I had no idea what to go for, but fortunately, the assistant who was there on the day was absolutely brilliant. She went through all the frames that were suitable for my face shape and told me what to look for when buying frames.

In the end, I decided on a gorgeous Max & Co pair and the Boss Orange ones. The change in my eyes again is definitely noticeable. They don’t feel at all tired now so the new glasses were definitely worth every cent. Even if you don’t suffer from eye problems, you should still go in for a general check-up just to make sure everything is as it should be.

It really is so worth it.


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