3 Tricks for Hiding Your Roots



All of us ladies who dye or highlight our hair know the pain of the first hint of roots showing through.

It’s not always possible to visit the salon as regularly as we would like, but there are ways around hiding those pesky roots.

Take a look below.


Hiding roots is often about styling. Ladies with curly and wavy hair usually get away with roots for longer than straight haired folks.

Never fear! Adding volume to your hair will make regrowth less obvious. Try a mousse on damp hair to scrunch and tousle your hair.



Since lots of us ladies are fans of highlights, we’re often trying to hide darker regrowth.

Colourists recommend using any hair styling products that spray out white to disguise the roots.

Often people opt for dry shampoo to add a light colour to the crown of the head and introduce volume. Win win!

Ladies with dark c0loured hair and light or grey regrowth, can opt for popping a small amount of mascara on the root area and brushing through. Who knew!


If you’re not so sure about adding lots of product to your hair, there are other looks you can try to hide that regrowth.

Hairdressers recommend French braids and upstyles to distract from roots. Loose plaits, as well as creating a twirled updo can work wonders.

Victoria Hunter, colourist for Marc Jacobs models during runway shows, suggests taking small sections of hair from around the hair line and above the ear, twisting and pinning it back to hide regrowth. Victoria says it “mixes all the colours together….and shows dimension”.

What will you try?

(Images and source: Beauty High, Harper’s Bazaar, Lakx, Opsh)


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