5 DIY Beauty Tips


After Christmas, it’s safe to say most of us are still feeling the pinch!

So instead of spending money on expensive beauty treatments, why not try some DIY beauty tricks.

Incorporating ingredients most of already have in our cupboards, these 5 DIY ideas below should keep things ticking over in the beauty department.


Olive oil is something most of us have in our cupboard and it has a whole lot of great beauty benefits.

Using olive oil as a base, you can make a great in shower body scrub.

Use equal measures of pure olive oil and sea salt to create your scrub. The plus side is, it’s super moisturising so you can ditch your lotion!


As odd as this sounds, apparently rice water can do wonders for your hair!

Washing your hair with boiled rice water helps to keep your hair super shiny.

Just make sure it’s cooled down first!


Equally, apple cider vinegar has become a bit of a cult hair care product.

Rinsing your hair with just a cup of the stuff can eliminate a build up of hair products.

Make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards!


Some also swear by apple cider vinegar for the skin and believe it or not, aspirin.

Crush four uncoated aspirin tablets, and mix with a cup of distilled water and a quarter of a cup of apple cider vinegar for smoother skin. This can be used as an alternative to a cleanser apparently!

patchouli-oilEssential oils have long been praised for their acne battling abilities.

Beauty DIY enthusiasts recommending using patchouli oil for tackling break outs.

Mix ten drops of it with 300 ml of almond oil as a nightly moisturiser. It can also work as an anti-wrinkle treatment!

Will you try any of these treatments?


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