From Makeup to Hair – Here Are My JUNE Beauty Favourites!

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A lot of you guys often ask me about my favourite eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, etc, but honestly, I test so many amazing products that it wouldn’t be unusual for me to have a very different list of favourites from month to month, (and sometimes even week to week, depending on what I have been testing!)

That said, my June list of beauty favourites will be a hard one to beat, as I can’t see myself falling out of love with any of these products any time soon! Some of these are going to be long term residents on my beauty shelf!

Here they are:

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1. Lancôme Teint Visionnaire Foundation

Honestly, if this foundation didn’t have the Lancome label on the front, I’d have thought it was created by the same person that invented photoshop! Yes, it’s THAT good! It creates a beautifully even, flawless-looking complexion, but at no point does the product feel heavy. All blemishes and imperfections end up neatly hidden under a perfect canvas of silky smooth foundation. Pricey, but so worth it. The shade I’m wearing in the picture above is number 04 Beige Natural. If you want to read my full review of Teint Visionnaire, just click here


2. Betty Louminiser by TheBalm

This is one of the most perfect bronzing highlighters I have tried, and it’s available from cloud10beauty.com! Ideal for creating that sun-kissed summer glow, which by now you all know I love!


3. Nude ‘Tude Eyeshadow Palette by theBalm

This is by far my fave eyeshadow palette at the moment  – I literally only tried it for the first time last week and I’m hooked. It has the most amazing tray of colours, and the pigment in each one is so beautiful. You can always rely on theBalm for some seriously fab eyeshadow colours. This particular palette is great for creating both day and nighttime looks.


 4. MAC Vegas Volt lippy

This striking coral colour is my favourite summer shade. In fact, I wore it to my friend’s wedding recently, and I have to say I was highly impressed by its staying power. I only had to top up my lips maybe two or three times that day. Celebrity fans of the Vegas Volt shade include Selena Gomez and Leona Lewis. To see more of my favourite summer coral lippy shades, check out my recent post here.

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 5. MeMeMe Angel Arch (brows)

My eyebrows actually can’t go without this little gem of a product. MeMeMe’s ‘Arch Angel’ is a double-ended wand consisting of tinted brow gel and a highlighter. The gel adds fab colour and definition to the brows, while at the same time holding in place those little flyaway fair hairs that we all to struggle to control! Meanwhile, the highlighting cream at the opposite end of the brush really lifts the brows and gives them a groomed appearance and defined shape. It’s so affordable, and can be found in most chemists.

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6. Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume

I previously called this scent “sex in a bottle” and I still stand by that statement! Tom Ford Black Orchid is one of my all-time fragrance favourites, and when it comes to perfumes, it is most definitely a summer love of mine! I’m not even sure how best to describe it, because, to be completely honest, I have never smelled anything like it before! It’s just so luxurious and sensual! Try this scent the first chance you get!!


7. The InStyler

It doesn’t matter what the latest hair trend may be, bouncy curls is a style that will NEVER date! In fairness, what woman hasn’t tried every shape of roller, or every curl-promising product, in an effort to acquire that gorgeous toussled look? Well the Instyler is the multi-functional rotating hot iron that is about to save you a ton of time! It can curl hair, straighten hair, style a fringe, and create lots of volume from the root. This beauty is so quick to use, and, is so different to any hair styling product I have ever tried before. It doesn’t matter how tough or coarse your hair is, trust me, the Instyler is able for it! If you want to read more about this fab hair tool, you can catch my full review here

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8. Aussie Moisturiser Shampoo & Conditioner

I doubt there is one fault to be found with the Aussie shampoo and conditioner! They make my hair so shiny, and are brilliant for keeping long locks looking impeccably healthy. I also love the miniature sized bottles that you find in supermarkets. They’re so perfect to take with you when traveling!

9. Osis Dust It Powder

This isn’t just a June favourite, it’s an all-time favourite! Osis Dust Powder is the one product I rely on to hold my big hair perfectly in place. If you have never used it before, then the one piece of advice I would give is to not shake out too much at first! A little goes a long way with this product, so always start with a small dusting, and then gradually add more if you feel you need it. You needn’t worry about its staying power either, as the ‘Osis effect’ won’t fade until it is washed out. It literally keeps my hair in place for hours! If you want to learn how to create big hair using the Osis Dust It Powder, then check out my previous post here

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10. Vita Liberta Tan

I have only just started to use this tan, and already I’m hooked. Just yesterday, I blogged about my top five favourite developing tans, and this bronzing baby was firmly on that list. You can check out the full post here


So there you have it guys, my full list of June favourites!

Happy shopping!

Sue xxx

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