Hair Talk: The Best Shampoo & Conditioner To Manage Curly/ Fuzzy Hair!

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Hey guys,

Happy Monday!!

So today we are talking straight, sleek hair. I always get so many hair related questions from you guys and one in-particular is always about how to achieve sleek and shiney hair. Today I think I have that answer for you, especially for those of you who have extremely curly / fuzzy hair.

Remember when I was carrying out the big clean of my beauty room a few weekends ago and I was assembling my new Ikea stuff? Well, my mam and my little sister Erica had come over to help me shift some stuff on the Sunday evening. Erica, being 8 begged me could she have a bubble bath and so I let her. The Shampoo & Conditioner that she used was the TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner which was on the shelf nearby.

The following day, when I met my mam and dad for lunch, the first thing my mam asked me was the name of the shampoo Erica had used. Erica’s hair is normally very fuzzy and curly so mam genuinely couldn’t get over how soft and smooth it suddenly was! The shampoo and conditioner had completely de-frizzed her hair!

I never thought a simple shampoo and conditioner could smooth out hair as curly and frizzy as Erica’s, so I decided to try it for myself going forward. The first thing I noticed about my hair once I had blow dried it, is how silky it felt. It was perfectly prepped for straightening, that was for sure.


I firmly believe that the hair products are equally as important as the styling tools when it comes to achieving the best results possible, so if you’re after sleek, smooth, straight hair, then I would definitely recommend that you use the TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner before straightening. If your hair is curly and unmanageable like Erica’s, this shampoo and conditioner is definitely a great solution.

sleek and smooth

You can pick up the TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Shampoo (€4.50) and Conditioner (€4.98) in most chemists nationwide and in all Boots stores.

I recorded a video two weeks ago showing the results and I hope to have that edited and ready to go out this week, so keep an eye on my Facebook page.

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Elaine Stack
    14 September 2015 / 08:20

    Hi Sue, what nail Polish shade are u wearing in this video? Thanks x

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