Revealed! My New A/W SOSU Collection!


So… it’s time to reveal my new Autumn/Winter SOSU nail collection!

I’m strangely a little nervous about unveiling the new shades, but I think you guys will really like them because I took into consideration all the feedback and suggestions you gave me. Lots of you put forward requests for certain shades, so I got to work and did my best to make this collection one you would all absolutely love.

I have replaced 8 colours in the spring/summer collection and introduced shades that are more suitable for Autumn/Winter.

I’m so excited to reveal that Penney’s will be stocking x2 exclusive additional shades, but I will reveal more about that in another blog post!

download (5)

The pictures above dont really showcase the colours so I want to tell you about them in more detail now!

Death By Chocolate– a deep rich brown shade that will be perfect for Autumn/Winter. I wore this shade to the launch of the Dublin Fashion Festival and when I shared the pictures on snapchat (sosueme_ie), Instagram and Facebook, it seemed to get a great response so I think you guys will really like it when you try it out for yourselves! (picture at the bottom)

Belle – You all went crazy for the nude shade ‘I Do’, so I decided to create a pinky nude one called ‘Belle’. It’s gorgeous on the nail!

Nude Freak – This is the Kylie Jenner inspired nude shade. I have a funny feeling it’s going to be the big hit of the collection. I love nude shades and this one is a big favourite of mine. It has a very Kardashian-esque vibe.

The Glass Slipper – This is an iridescent pearl shade that got its name because it reminded me of Cinderella’s glass slipper. There was no way I was bringing out an Autumn/Winter collection without including pearl in it. I always associate pearl with this time of year and even as a kid I remember seeing my mother wearing her pearls during the autumnal months.

Heavens Stairway – We got a ton of requests for a matte grey shade, so you‘ll be pleased to know that I created one!

She Means Business – This deep purple shade (top picture) is one I can imagine being worn by a total girl boss. It’s such a rich colour and it makes a strong statement. It’s also a perfect shade for Autumn/Winter.

Midnight Wish – A deep blue shade was high on your request list, so when I got down to work and came up with this gorgeous rich blue colour. Its deeper than Blue My Mind which is currently in the collection and will be replaced with this!

Ladies Night – The red shade from my spring/summer collection was a runaway success and while I am keeping it in the collection, I also decided to create a new deeper cherry red based shade.


You can’t have Christmas without a sprinkle of glitter, so when the festive season gets a little closer, we will be launching three glitter shades late October (they are pictured above, the glitter green, the glitter red and a glitter silver with a strong base colours in the glitter). They will be perfect for Christmas and New Years.

You might remember from a previous blog post that another change I have made to the collection is the brush. One of the most common requests we received from you guys was for a bigger brush, so I have updated the brush just like you asked! The new brush will be in all the Autumn/Winter shades, and it should make the polish much easier to apply.

The polishes will be available in pharmacies and salons nationwide, including Penneys in the next two weeks.

My SOSU.ie website will also be launching very soon so you guys will be able to buy them online too…. YAY.

I will be recording some tutorials on how to apply the gel polish so that you get the best, long-lasting results possible from your SOSU range.

Hope you like the new shades!



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