How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

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So anyway, while I’m here I thought I would do a quick blog post on how I like to clean the makeup brushes I use every day. I have been asked about this a good bit, and even more so since I brought out my own SOSU by SJ makeup brushes so I thought I would create a post and answer all your questions in one.

So, as promised, here is how I clean my brushes. Before I go on, I should point out that this is the way I have always cleaned my brushes, regardless of what brand they are.

Step 1

I first wet the brush hair but I never submerge the brush itself in water.

The part where the brush hair is attached to the handle always needs to be kept dry as moisture may affect the glue bonding which can then lead to the hairs shedding.

Step 2 

You can get cleaning sprays for brushes (such as this spray, or this sponge) but what I usually do instead is pour a tiny amount of baby shampoo on a bath sponge. Antibacterial soap also works. Next, I take a makeup brush and swirl it on the sponge in a circular motion, massaging the product into the bristles while working up a good lather so as to remove all residual product.

I then rinse it out thoroughly before gently squeezing the excess water from the bristles. I repeat this with all brushes.

To dry, I lie each one flat on a towel so they can air dry. For some of the larger brushes, you can keep them in shape by loosely tying a and around the bristles.

Step 3

When it comes to cleaning my beauty blender, I massage some shampoo directly on to the blender and once a lather starts to build, I squeeze out the product build up and rinse. I then continue this until the water runs clean.

I know cleaning brushes can be time-consuming, but clean brushes will make such a difference to your makeup. Using a brush that has a build up of product in its bristles will not only interfere with the shade you’re applying, it will also leave you open to spot breakouts.

So there you have it guys, three simple tips on how I keep my brushes in good nick.

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