My Buy Of The Week: The Crownbrush C450 Foundation Brush!

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You know when you find that one make-up brush that makes such a HUGE difference to your makeup application, you almost wonder how you managed to do your make-up without it before then?

Well that pretty much sums up my reaction to the Crownbrush C450!

I have been using this new tool for both my foundation and cream bronzer lately, and the results I’m getting are beyond fab!

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Lots of you were asking me about my make-up application after I posted photos of last weekend’s fun on my instagram account and Facebook page.

Well as you already know, I used Seventeen Instant Glow Cream Bronzer, as part of my contouring routine, (you can read my review here) but the brush I used for the application was my Crownbrush C450.

It doesn’t matter how good (or expensive) the make-up is, if the brush you’re using isn’t up to par, then the overall result won’t be anywhere near as impressive as it could be. It’s only when you use a brush as good as the C450 that you’ll see for yourself the massive difference it makes.crownbrush pic 2The C450 brush really helped give me extra coverage, not to mention a perfectly even finish. I found the tapered bristles fantastic for precision, and it also blended the foundation in beautifully, making it an absolute dream to work with.

The C450 is part of the Infinity range, which, according to Crownbrush, has been specifically designed to create “flawless makeup application for high definition work”.
Flawless is EXACTLY the word I would use to describe the results I enjoyed from using this brush.c450.2

I used it for liquid and cream cosmetics, but it can also be used to apply powder products. Best of all, the bristles will not absorb the product you use!

At €21, it’s a steal!

If you would like to own this brush for yourself, just check out the Crownbrush website here.


Hope you’re as impressed as I was!

Sue xxx

Credits: Seventeen bronzer pic: Beautyfull Blog


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