#SOSUbySJxKeilidh – Product 1 Revealed!

I didn’t want to create lashes that were too heavy and only suited certain eye shapes, my aim was to
create a fluffy, full lashes with a flexible band to suit everyone. – Keilidh

The excitement was on another level this morning at SOSUbySJ HQ!

3 premium false lash styles were announced as the first of three products in SOSUbySJ’s much anticipated collaboration with leading YouTube makeup artist Keilidh Cashell, and the reaction has been unreal.

The carefully selected 3 piece signature range is called URBAN BEAUTY and products 2 and 3 will be revealed tomorrow and Wednesday, respectively, so don’t forget to keep an eye on SOSUbySJ (@sosu_bysuzannejackson) and Keilidh’s (@keilidhmua) Instagram pages for the big reveals.

Now, on to the lashes! As always, we like to show you the products in depth and answer all your questions before they go on sale, so read on for the full lowdown and if you have any additional questions, just pop them in the comment box below.

Lots of you wanted to know when the lashes would be going on sale.

The Urban Beauty Collection in full will be going on pre-sale this Wednesday November 7th following the 3rd product announcement at 10am. The range will then be available in selected pharmacies nationwide from Monday November 12th.

The lash styles are called Black Heart, Keilidh, and Ego, and were made with cruelty free, synthetic fibres. All three have textured layers and a soft finish, and were designed to create an elegant, voluminous lash look that will seriously flatter the eyes.

First we have Black Heart.

These super wispy, fluffy lashes are the longest in the collection.

They would be the ideal pairing for a smokey eye!

Next we have the style Keilidh.

The Keilidh’s are very lightweight and have a flexible band that is also invisible.

Fluffy and textured, they are definitely the kind that will take you from daytime to night.

Check that outer-edge flutter! Divine.

Last but not least, we have the Ego lash.

If you watched this morning’s SOSUbySJ Instagram promo video, you will know that Keilidh calls this beauty the perfect Instagram lash.

They’re not too long, so they won’t cover the eye makeup but they’re still very full in texture and very like mink lashes too (but of course they’re completely synthetic and 100% cruelty free)

If you need some advice on how best to apply false lashes, check out Keilidh’s Lash Secrets. 

  1. Remove lashes from the tray using SOSUbySJ Tweezers.
  2. Measure the lash against your natural lashes & trim the lash from the outer edge.
  3. Apply a thin layer of SOSUbySJ Lash Glue to the band & leave to dry for a minute to get tacky (If the glue is too wet it will slide around the eye).
  4. Apply the lash to the centre of the eye using SOSUbySJ Tweezers, then carefully set the inner and outer corners into place.
  5. Squeeze the false lash with your natural lashes to get it as close to the natural lash line as possible.

There you have it, the full low down on the first of the 3 products in the #SOSUbySJxKeilidh Urban Beauty Collection.

Tune back in to SOSUbySJ (@sosu_bysuzannejackson) and Keilidh’s (@keilidhmua) Instagram pages tomorrow morning at 10am to see the second big reveal! 

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