#SOSUbySJxKeilidh Product 2 Revealed!

Yesterday, the first product in the SOSUbySJxKeilidh collection was finally revealed to all (you can read all about it here) and today, it’s time for the second one!

Hellooo luscious brushes!

Well you can’t have seriously fab eye makeup without some seriously fab eye makeup tools, and as Keilidh is known for her killer eye makeup looks, it seemed fitting for her to create with SOSUbySJ a very particular signature eye makeup brush collection.

“I wanted to create a brush collection that would make detailed looks easier to create. A lot of makeup artists prefer working with smaller brushes so I wanted to create a collection that really catered to that”. – Keilidh

The set – called Urban Rebel – consists of 7 brushes, all of which were specifically designed to help you perfect those detailed eye makeup techniques with ease, whether it be precise eyeliner application (get that wing gurl!), or some serious blending for that super smoked out effect.

Sculpted yet fluffy, Urban Rebel has all the tools you need to line, colour and blend to perfection.

SOSUbySJ is a cruelty free brand so of course it goes without saying that all the brushes in Urban Rebel are made from the highest quality synthetic fibres and are completely cruelty free.

Below you can see each individual brush up close.

Lot’s of you were asking when you would be able to buy the products in the  SOSUbySJxKeilidh collection. The products will be rolled out in pharmacies from November 12th however we will be holding a pre-sale tomorrow morning at 10am, so you can buy them before they hit the shops!

The third and final product – the biggie! – will be announced tomorrow at 10am.

SK01 – Keilidh’s “favourite highlighting brush ever”

SK02 – We all know how important a blending brush is to an eye makeup look, so naturally Keilidh’s brush set had to include the perfect crease blending brush.

SK03 – This fluffy definer brush is tapered to define and perfect those smaller areas.

SK04 – This small bullet brush is used for precise packing and blending. Great for building up the intensity of colour on the eyes.

SK05 – This flat carving brush not only packs on the eyeshadow, it’s also great for carving out your eyebrow.

SK06 – This small packer brush is ideal for smudging out the lash line and packing on intense pigment.

SK07 – A small detailed brush for a more precise application.



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