Step Into My Office: My Room Tour!

room tour

As some of you may already know from my Instagram posts, myself and Dylan moved into our new place together just before Christmas. Last November, we decided to take the plunge and we moved into our very first pad. We loved that apartment; it was stylish, spacious, modern and in a lovely gated and private complex, but, like anything, over time we started to want a change; something bigger, something brighter, just something a little more.

Finally after a few months house hunting, we found our dream place. It is such an amazing apartment! It’s huge with big bay windows and I absolutely love it. If, like me, you work from home most days, then you will know only too well how important it is that you love the environment you are in, otherwise you end up feeling as though the walls are closing in around you.

My new house office is the room I spend all of my time in (when I am not in the actual office). It’s where I keep all of my makeup, my beauty products, most of my wardrobe (I have wardrobe space in our room too… c’mon what girl doesn’t? Haha!) my walk in shoe area, and of course my working desk, so the whole room had to be perfectly fitted out and crisp looking.

It is still no where near finished, I have a few bits to do, but last night I posted a progress pic on my Instagram and Facebook and lots of you were asking for a room tour video and further pictures. Well this morning, I snapped some pics for you guys and so here is a mini visual tour around my room……

1. My Beauty Drawers


So this is the top of my room. I have x2 sets of Ikea drawers, and in them I have all my products sorted. So for example, one is the hair drawer, another is the tanning drawer and another is for lipsticks, mascaras, and gloesses etc.

That picture there of the Loubotuins was actually painted by a very talented reader of mine. I posted the exact same picture to my Facebook page one night saying I really wanted it and a reader kindly offered to paint it for me! It is one of my favourite paintings and I will love it forever.

The other picture of CoCo & Harper was a 30th birthday gift from my friend Jessica, I absolutely love this picture and when I have the time I will have both pictures hung properly on the wall.

In a lot of my room pics, you guys always ask about the clear boxes. Well they were gifted to me by a fantastic Irish company called Herclutterbox. The guy who owns it actually hand makes them himself, so hats off there! Granted they are on the pricey side ringing in at about €150 each, but in my opinion they are well worth it. In one, I have my everyday makeup and in the other is my jewellery. They are just so handy for keeping things visible but yet organised.

2. My Desk


This is my everyday working space. I have my iMac there for the house and for working at home. When I am out of my office or away, I always have my Mac laptop with me. Blogging is a 24/7 job, so a laptop is an absolute necessity. Apple, for me, is the best. Yes it’s a pricey brand, but it’s so worth it. My desk and chair are from Ikea again… seriously how cool is Ikea? What on earth did we do before it came here? It’s so reasonable and you literally can get everything you need there.

I like my room to smell nice, so on the window ledge there (pic below) you will see a Max Benjamin air diffuser. I got this one in Avcoca in Malahide and I love the smell. It’s a gorgeous woody, musky scent – the type of fragrance I adore. Beside that is my STELLAR Award for Best Irish Blogger of 2014…. I always smile when I look at that. Thanks again for voting for me guys. That award means so much to me.



3. The Tray On My Desk (The Details)


To the right of my desk, I have a gorgeous mirror tray that I picked up last year in Dunnes Stores for something like €12. I’m still raging to this day that I didn’t pick up more than one. Always the way, ehhh? In it I have a  lovely arrangement of artificial flowers along with some amazingly scent LilyFlame candles (blue and green) that a client gave to me, as well as my FAVE Jo Malone candle from a reader Maria, who has since become a friend. Maria actually bought me that candle for my 30th birthday… 🙂

To the back of the tray I have a little fairy ornament, I am obsessed with fairies, and beside that I have some Knock Holy Water that my mum gave to me.


4. My Makeup Area!



This is the kind of makeup area I always wanted! Hollywood lights and the ultimate get-ready makeup station for any beauty loving girl. This whole kit out is also from Ikea. I think the whole layout costs about €300 in total. The lights either side of the mirror are €50 each, then you buy the mirror, the shelf, the brackets and the chair. Totally worth it and it’s where I get ready every weekend. 🙂


5. My nail polish wall.


This area is nowhere near finished. For 2015, I hope to get back into filming a whole lot more for my YouTube. Behind my desk is this wall, so I will use it as my feature wall and have something pretty cool there. I am thinking about getting in an artist to create something there, or maybe I might just put a nice shelf and some flowers there. What do you guys think? What would look nice as a background?

The nail polish racks are from eBay. They were expensive, about €100 each (main chunk being the shipping), but when you have so many bottles, shelves like these are so worth it. I mean, how handy is it having all of your polishes in the one place? Easy to get to, easy to see. Result!

On the table, I have a beautifully hand drawn portrait of me and Coco by another very talented and sweet reader. This is such a meaningful picture – I love it. Beside that, you have my Limited Edition SoSueMe Brushes!!! Who got some for xmas??


6. Inside My Beauty Drawers

First up, we have the drawer that contains bronzers, blushers, foundations, concealers and highlighters. You can get these dividers in Ikea! 🙂


Next up we have the tanning drawer!! You can read about my top five developing tans here!


This next drawer is all about the brows, mascaras, glitter shadows, liners, lippys, glosses, crayons 🙂


Next up we have skincare for both the face and the body. I also keep my perfumes and body sprays in this drawer 🙂


And this drawer is all about my eyeshadow palettes and lashes 🙂 You can read about some of my eyeshadow palette reviews, here, here and here.


And that’s it guys!! That is my full office/ room tour and I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like a video room tour, please say so below…. and if the majority VOTE yes…. I’ll do it!

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I hope you all have a great week!

Lots of love,

Sue xxxx







  1. Edwina O' Leary
    4 May 2015 / 18:24

    Love it oh yo get my hands in those drawers for ten minutes I would do serious damage

  2. Lisa
    21 April 2015 / 09:24

    Hi Suzanne! I am planning on getting this desk and wondering which size this one is? And did you get the second set of drawers as an add on? Love the site. Lisa

  3. Kris
    21 January 2015 / 23:23

    what is the name of your desk sue? Ikea, right?

  4. aishling
    21 January 2015 / 22:13

    would you do a house tour? x

  5. Edwina O' Leary
    13 January 2015 / 19:31

    Thanks Sue I hope so too this year I hope to qualify as a social worker after 4 long years of hard work and I’m getting married in September so I’m very excited hope your enjoying yourself you deserve it

  6. Roisin
    8 January 2015 / 00:25

    Love the make up shelf and mirror might have to purchase one for my room

  7. Hannah
    7 January 2015 / 21:11

    Where do you get all your NYX makeup? Looking for ages and can’t find it anywhere!! xx

  8. 7 January 2015 / 18:58

    Awh Maria <3 YES… lunch soon!! Would love that…. it's long overdue for sure 😉 xxx

  9. Sara Small
    7 January 2015 / 18:13

    Love it! Where did you get the makeup brush holders?

  10. Eleanor
    7 January 2015 / 17:11

    Love it please do a video ☺

  11. Maria Borza
    7 January 2015 / 17:01

    Thanks for the mention Hun,

  12. 6 January 2015 / 22:55

    Yes, would love a video!!
    I love Ikea for the dividers and other storage bits. I’m sure they would have a similar tray to the one you got in Dunnes too or try TkMaxx, they do really cute storage trays and the likes x

  13. Sarah
    6 January 2015 / 22:44

    Where did u get the glass on top of drawers and to fit so perfect fab

  14. Kate
    6 January 2015 / 22:36

    What is the desk from ikea called ? I’ve been looking for a proper desk for ages

  15. jen
    6 January 2015 / 22:22

    Yes please

  16. Olivia Lohan
    6 January 2015 / 21:51

    Love this room X

  17. Rosita
    6 January 2015 / 20:51

    This is totally beautiful,classy and different.Love the decoration and design choice.Beautiful Sue!

  18. 6 January 2015 / 20:09

    Thanks Edwina… I wouldn’t be without. I have it about 3 years 🙂 Happy new year by the way… hope its a great one for you! Sue xx

  19. Edwina O' Leary
    6 January 2015 / 19:34

    Love this Sue oh to get into those drawers for an hour

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