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Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all having a good start to the week!

It’s evening time here in Dubai so now that I’m just finished getting ready to go out, I decided I would pop on here and finish off this blog post. I wasn’t going to blog while I was here but after I Snapchatted while we were making our way to dinner last night, I ended up getting so many messages and questions about my hair and makeup, that I decided I would answer them all in one post.

These are basically what I would consider my must-haves on this trip.

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Clip-in Hair Extensions

I’m going to start with the hair, as that was undoubtedly the most asked about. To thicken the ends, I wore a set of clip-in hair extensions. Lots of you asked me what clip in extensions I wore and what shade I went for.

The extensions I wore last night were actually sent to me by the lovely Lauren Pope who owns her own extension brand, Hair Rehab London.

As you can see from the pictures, they match my natural hair perfectly. They are such good quality and certainly don’t look like extensions when you clip them in. When you find the right shade for your colour, they really blend in well. I’m not that used to clip-in extensions, as I have always worn the bonds but I can honestly say these stayed firmly in place for the night. The set I’m wearing are called Paparazzi Perfect.

Kiehls Nourishing Dry Body Oil

Kiehls oil

My second must have! Dear God, this oil is insane!

It leaves such a gorgeous sheen on your skin but it also really hydrates the skin so it’s definitely a great product for moisturising the skin. Even though it’s an oil, it’s very lightweight. Sometimes, people think of body oils are being quite greasy and heavy but the Kiehls Nourishing Dry Body Oil isn’t like that at all.

It also has the most beautiful vanilla and almond scent. I’m such a sucker for products that smell nice, and the fragrance of this oil is just divine!

Before we headed out last night, I spritzed it on my skin because I love the sheen it leaves. You can actually see it on my legs in some of the shots in this post.

Mitchum Advanced Control 48 Hour Protection Roll-On Deodorant

mitchum deodorant

Anyone who watched my Vlogmas video will know how much I love this Mitchum roll-on deodorant!

I know it’s just a deodorant but it’s a total game changer compared to others, and if, like me, if you used to use spray-on deodorants, you will really notice the difference.

It is hands down, the best deodorant I have ever used. I don’t know what’s in it, but I personally feel like it closes the pores because I notice that I don’t perspire as much with this as I would if I were wearing a spray deodorant.

It’s around €3 in pharmacies & Tesco (where I get mine) so it’s cheap as chips and worth trying.

My Tan!

Got this question a good bit: where is your tan from?

I’m wearing my own tan. It’s the dark mousse and it’s coming soon.

My Red Lippy

Suzanne jackson

I’m still getting a lot of questions about the red lipstick I wore last night. It’s the shade Ruby Woo from MAC and it has long been one of my fave reds. When it comes to red lippies, I do chop and change, but this classic from MAC is one I have been returning to time and time again for years!

Another red I love and have with me here in Dubai is YSL number 13 Le Orange. It’s more of an orange red but it’s a gorgeous shade. Whenever I wear it, I always get asked about it.


A good few questions that came in last night following my Snapchat centred around my foundation.

Last night, I was wearing my Huda Beauty Foundation which I reviewed here recently after I picked it up in Brown Thomas. I’m still loving it but I think it’s the kind of formula that really suits dry skin, which would be my skin type.

My Eye Makeup


Last night’s lash choice was from the SOSU by SJ Luxury 3D Fibre lash range (they’re the ones in the marble boxes). I wore the style Kendall.

Normally I love Rimmel’s liquid eyeliner, but last night I decided to wear a pencil eyeliner from the Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder range. It’s called Eye Kajal and it has a nude shade on one end and a black kohl shade on the other end.

It’s really blendable so it’s great if you like creating a smokey look.

On my brows, I used a brown eyeliner gel from Inglot (shade #90.) First, I created the shape I wanted and then filled in the brow before applying the gel to the spoolie brush from my own SOSU The Eye Collection and then running it through the brows. It just helped to create a more natural look.

In my makeup bag, I also brought with me my Hot Fire Palette, my Complete Contour Palette and my Highlighter Palette. In fact, I skipped the usual blusher last night and instead popped the shade Peach Smoothie (from my highlighter palette) on my cheeks.

My Outfit


For those of you who may not be on social media, my top is from here and my skirt is here.

The full outfit came in at just under €60. Can’t go wrong with monochrome, I find!

I’ve been getting a good few questions recently in relation to my skin, so I was thinking I might do a blog post on this topic next.

If you would like that, just let me know in the comment box below!  

Have a great evening, guys

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  1. 1 February 2018 / 07:40

    You’re pictures! How are you so photogenic omg!

  2. Audrey Doyle
    23 January 2018 / 10:29

    Hi Sue. Thanks for this but can you tell us what makeup you use to create your day time look while on holiday. I always find this such a tricky thing to master as I don’t want to have too much on and have it run down my face in the heat but yet I like the idea of wearing a bit. Any tips would be grateful. Thanks so much & happy holidays.

  3. Jodie
    22 January 2018 / 21:42

    Defo do one !

  4. Leah
    22 January 2018 / 21:10

    Yes so sue really really would love it if you did a skin care blog!!!! I actually was just flicking through your beauty blogs to see if you have had a microdermabrasion facial or a vampire facelift as I am considering one of those atm.

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