Weekend Ready Perfect Pins!


Happy Thursday!!

Do you have an event this weekend and an outfit in mind that requires showing off your pins but they are just not looking their hottest? Fear no more, we have your guide for gorgeous, silky, flawless legs just in time for that occasion!


1. Exfoliate & Moisturise 

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Exfoliation is key! The skin on the legs can get quite dry especially around the calves so a good scrub in the shower a bath weekly is essential for flawless pins. I like to use a small amount of beaded body scrub on  the exfoliating mitts as well as a tough bristled loofah. This really gives a smooth and buffed skin finish if you massage in circular motions over the legs. It also works wonders for removing old tan for a clean base.

Personally because I don’t suffer from sensitive skin so I would shave my legs after this process but that could be too much for your skin, you know yourself.

Afterwards lather on a nice coat of your favourite body moisturiser, we love the body shop body butter it smells and feels amazing! It is slightly pricey but a real treat if your looking for a great body moisturiser.

I would never tan the same night as exfoliating or shaving. I find it does not work for my skin and causes the tan to lock into unwanted areas and just generally not look great! So I leave this for the next day..


Loofah Brush (Buy Here)

Exfoliating Gloves (Buy Here)

Body Scrub ((Buy Here)

Body Butter (Buy Here)

2. Tanning & Highlighting


Now of course tanning is not essential, but if you (like us) have very pale legs and prefer a glow, this next part is for you. Using a tanning mitt, apply your favorite tan in circular motions on to your pins until it is fully rubbed in with no patches.

The next day you should shower off the excess tan and be left with a nice base. Once you are dried off, apply a light layer of moisturiser liked the vaseline spray and go in, it will make further product glide on so much more easily. We then like to apply (once again with a mitt) an instant tan for a really flawless finish.

For a lighter coverage, The Bbold instant tan is a new favouite of ours (Review) and gives a nice dewy finish. For a medium coverage, the Cocoa Brown Lovely legs is gorgeous and has a great coverage aswell as giving a deep tan. Lastly, if you want a really good coverage that will cover blemishes, veins etc, then trusty Sally Hansen is your best bet (Review).

Then on to highlighting the legs! There are a couple of different options, a liquid or a powder highlighter. It depends on which you are more comfortable with as they give a very similar finish but if you want less hastle, the powder is a safe choice. Using a slim bronzer brush, create a line down the center of your calf using the highlighter. Try and keep the line nice and slim to create the illusion of longer, slimmer legs!

If you want to use a liquid highlighter, the nuxe dry shimmer oil is BRILLIANT! Apply once again using a mitt and use all over the legs for a very natural and dewy finish.

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs ( Available in Penney’s Nationwide)

Seventeen Shimmer Brick (Boots.ie)

Vaseline Spray & Go (Buy Here)

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (Buy Here)

Nuxe Dry Shimmer Oil (Buy Here)


So there you have it ladies, a guide to gorgeous pins . Now make them your best asset and get those legs out this weekend! 🙂



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