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Hey Guys!

Hope you are well 🙂 So we are back with a post today with a post on how to get glowing skin through eating certain types of foods. We can spend fortunes on creams, serums, make-up etc but to really get that glow and have your skin looking healthy it’s all about what you are putting into your body, not on it! Sometimes it can be really hard to eat clean and healthy, but by introducing some of these foods into your daily diet you will start seeing some major improvements in your complexion and your general well-being 🙂

Check these 5 super-skin foods out 🙂

1. Avocado


Benefits for skin : Moisturizes the skin internally, Packed with Vitamin C & E, full of antioxidants to help prevent wrinkles. Add a half of an avocado into your smoothie in the morning for a great skin boost 🙂

2.  Berries


Benefits for skin : Loaded with antioxidants to help the body fight off blemishes (and super yummy)

3. Green Tea


Benefits for Skin : Packed with antioxidants to make skin look younger and prevent acne

4. Walnuts 

Heap of fresh shelled walnuts on white background. Close-up.

Benefits for Skin : Full of omega 3 fatty acids that contribute to smoother skin, shiny hair and bright eyes.

5. Tomatoes 

images (8)

Benefits to Skin : One of the best sources of anti-aging antioxidant lycopene.

So there you have it guys, some super-foods to add to your shopping list this weekend 🙂



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  1. Tammy Forde
    21 February 2016 / 18:08

    Amazing, gonna start drinking green tea 😀 have you tried Superlife smooties? Got them in Fallon & Byrne and they are amazing

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