5 Quick Fix Beauty Tricks


Who doesn’t love a few quirky recession busting beauty tips?! From mascara to lip gloss tricks, take a look below. 🙂

Banish Flaky Mascara

So we know you should only hang on to your mascara for 3 months, but sometimes they can dry up before then and your freshly coated lashes may start to flake. What’s a girl to do?!  Bring your mascara back to life with a few drops of saline solution. It’s cheap and you can get it from any chemist. Plus if you wear contact lenses, you’ll definitely have it knocking around!

elle-04-makeup-hacks-deUse a spoon to help an unsteady hand

Applying the perfect, precise flick of liquid eye liner isn’t always the easiest task! If you’re a fan of the cat eye but don’t have the steadiest hand, try following the three steps shown in the photo above to help you out. Use the stem of a spoon to draw a clear diagonal line and then turn the spoon over and use the curved edge of the spoon to draw a line towards the base of your lashes. Simply fill it in and there you go!

elle-01-makeup-hacks-de (1)

Turn your pencil eye liner into a gel formula

If your eye pencil is creating a harsh line and you would prefer a smudgier look, simply hold your pencil under a flame as shown for one second and allow it to cool for 15 seconds. The pencil will change into a more gel like consistency, which will help you create a different look.


Create a lip gloss with your eye shadow

If you love one of your eye shadows and would like to put it on your pout, you can! Mix a little loose pigment eye shadow, like the one shown above, with some salve or petroleum jelly like Vaseline and you can create a brand new lippie!


Heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer

Don’t have a heated eyelash curler? No problem! Just blast your ordinary eyelash curler with your hair dryer until it heats up, wait until it cools a little but is still warm, and curl away. The heat will help hold the curl for longer.

(images and source: ritakml.info, elle.com, letyoureyesspeak.com)


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