January Favourites!


Hey guys… again 🙂

So this morning I told you guys I was going to be posting my January Beauty Favourites today. When I posted to my Facebook page on Thursday about getting back into my YouTube videos, a lot of you guys said that you missed my monthly favourites videos and blog posts, so today I am going to list my Jan faves that I have been lusting over the last four weeks!

1. Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff


In December, I tried out the Cocoa Brown overnight 1 hour tan and I loved it. When I was sent the tan, the lovely guys over in CocoaBrown HQ also sent me the full range, including the Tough Stuff exfoliater. When I returned home from Egypt, my skin was in need of a good exfoliation and so I tried this one. Instantly I loved it! First of all it smells divine with a thin consistency containing little granules, so you know your in for a good scrub! After I scrubbed my skin (mainly the rough areas), I hoped into the shower and washed it away. I was left with lovely soft skin and absolutely no scaley tan or dry patches! Genius!! Not only is this exfoliating scrub brilliant for removing tan. It is also great for skin preparation before tanning.

FYI: What I will say about the scrub is it is solely for rough areas of the body – ie: the feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands. So don’t use it on the delicate areas ie: face etc.

Price: €7.99 and available in most pharmacies and Tesco

2. Inglot HD Foundation (Code 77)


I was sent this foundation to try just before heading off to Egypt and after using it over there nearly every night, I am a committed fan! This hypoallergenic foundation provides long lasting coverage and conceals discolouration or any other imperfections. What I love the most about this foundation is, even though it is full coverage and conceals shine – there is a gorgeous dewy finish.

Suitable for sensitive skin. HD Perfect Coverup Foundation is carefully packaged into an airless 35 ml bottle that keeps the product safe and will let you use it till the last drop. I have shade 77 and it is very dark and perfect for night time. I am hoping to pick up a lighter shade for during the day very soon!

Price: €33 and available from all Inglot Stores

3. Victoria Secrets Leg Shine / All Over Bronze Stick


I spoke a lot about this while in Egypt which you can read here! THIS is going to be my go to product this summer 2015! The leg shine/ all over bronze stick is basically a shimmer roll on stick that gives your legs/arms an amazing glowing bronze glow to the skin!

Price: €12 and you can purchase it here

4. Kerastase VIP Volume Powder


This is a miracle product. Similar to a dry shampoo, this product is so much more than that. Not only does VIP Volumising Powder give your hair volume and that back combed look in seconds, it also removes any greasy residue from your hair while still keeping it looking shiny and big! I have very oily roots, which means I have to wash my hair every day, but with this bad boy sitting on my everyday shelf, I get at least two days out of my washed hair/blowdry. I hate flat hair and after being on the hunt for months to find the perfect volumising product, I can safely say that I have found it. Yes a bit on the pricey side costing €25+ depending where you get it, in my opinion it is well worth it!

You can get it here for €23!

5. Glam Glow Hydration Mask


We all know about the original Glam Glow mask which is perfect for oily skin… but what about us dehydrated girls? This glam glow mud treatment provides extreme moisture, labelled as a ‘Thirst-Quenching Hit in a Jar’ that defeats dry, de-hydrated skin.

Having used this after flying and over the xmas when my skin was in dire need of hydration – I fell head over heel in love with it.  After using it, I found my skin hydrated instantly Hydrating Treatment will hydrate, moisturise, restore, replenish and calm the skin.

How To Use: Apply a nice think layer to your whole face and neck. Leave on for 10-20 minutes allowing product to absorb into the skin, wipe off and massage the remaining residue into the skin or wash-off with warm water.

Price €66 and can be purchased here.

6. The Body Shop Vit E Overnight Serum


As you guys know already, SoSueMe loves a good serum 🙂 A converted Kinvara and Trilogy fan – this is a new fave for me. The Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil is a power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight. I mix it with my moisturiser day and night and I love the hydrating it gives me skin. It also gives my skin a nice base for my foundation application, especially if my skin is a little dry. It’s  a non greasy formula and contains wheatgerm oil, which is also great for scarring and inflammation. A really good product in my opinion.

Price:€17 and can be bought here

7. Crown Brush SS032 Pointed Blender Brush


My favourite concealer brush right now! This pointed foundation brush is perfect for putting on your base ie: a sheer glow such as The No7 Illuminating Fluid to buffing your under eye concealer! The fine tip gives you great control for blending out under eye concealer near your inner eye. Such a good brush to have!

Price: €11 and can be purchased here

jan faves

And thats it for my monthly faves! Were any of these yours?

Let me know what your faves this month were?

Sue xxx



  1. Shona Wilson
    29 January 2015 / 20:30


  2. 27 January 2015 / 18:56

    I have heard that… but not me anyway…. its heaven for my skin x

  3. Ciara3691
    27 January 2015 / 10:25

    People have commented saying that the glamglow products tend to irritate their skin

  4. Edwina O' Leary
    25 January 2015 / 22:45

    Ooh I want all these too I really love that Victoria secret leg shimmer but it’s like €42 with shipping

  5. facesbygrace23
    25 January 2015 / 22:36

    SUZANNE I now want everything!!!!! You will have me broke I tell ya 🙂 great post love all of your picks xx

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