My Top 5 Summer Perfumes!

sosuemeThey say a lady is never fully dressed without her perfume, and I for one couldn’t agree more! As most of you guys already know, I’m addicted to fragrances, and my signature style has always been those super beautiful woody/musky scents.

I know lots of you really enjoyed my post about my ‘Top 5 Perfumes’, and, seeing as how I am always being asked for fragrance recommendations, I decided it was time to create a list of my top five scents for summer!

Most people associate summer with sweet smelling floral perfumes, but to be honest, I’m not a fan of those. I’m all for trying out new things, but when it comes to fragrances, I prefer to stick to what I love … and when the summer months roll around, I especially love scents that have an orangey/musky base with a nice warm sunny vibe!

So here is my summer selection!

1. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist
Price: around €30VS

Victoria’s Secret have SUCH a great range of body mists. They’re so light and feminine, but still very exotic. I have the passion-fruit one, which I brought with me to Marbella recently. I always find that body mists are ideal for holidays, especially if you’re in a hot climate and you just want a nice subtle scent, but not something as heavy as perfume. And lets be honest, if you want a fragrance that will make you feel seriously sexy this summer, then you can’t go wrong with Victoria’s Secret! I absolutely adore mine, and now whenever I wear it, it brings back amazing holiday memories!

2. Molecule Cologne
Price: around €100

Whenever I think of summer, I immediately think of colognes, and, in particular, Molecule cologne. Now I know it’s a bit expensive, but trust me, it’s so worth it! What I really love about this fragrance is that it will smell completely different from one person to the next. It’s designed to interact with the body’s natural scent, so the result you get after applying it is 100% unique to you! Divine!

3. Guerlain – Samsara
Price: from €50

Samsara is a perfect fit for anyone who likes their fragrances to be really woody and musky. It definitely sits at the more sophisticated end of the perfume scale, and I think the mixture of jasmine, sandalwood, musk, and amber, manages to make it smell really expensive too! This is a real favourite amongst hardcore perfume fans. That said though, it’s quite a mature scent, and it doesn’t strike me as one that would be suitable for girls in their late teens or early twenties.

4. Jo Malone – Lime Basil & Mandarin
Price: from €50

I know I featured this particular perfume on my previous list, but I just couldn’t give my summer recommendations without including it! Jo Malone has always created such classic fragrances, but her Lime, Basil & Mandarin scent is definitely an all time favourite of mine and one that can be worn regardless of the season. I love that it lasts for ages too! Whenever I spritz it on in the morning, I just know that the scent will still be every bit as fresh by that evening (and there aren’t many perfumes capable of achieving that!) As I said before, if a girl passes me wearing Jo Malone, I ALWAYS notice it! Seriously guys, if you want to leave a lasting impression on someone, then this is definitely the perfume that will do it!

5. Chloe Eau de Parfum
Price: from €40

I was torn between Chloe and Chanel’s Coco Madamoiselle, because, lets face it, what perfume list is complete without a nod to good auld’ Chanel? I decided on Chloe in the end though, as Coco Madamoiselle had already been featured on my previous list. Even though Chloe seems to be the kind of scent that women either love or hate, I personally quite like its fresh cotton smell. I think it’s the ideal fragrance for those long and lazy summer evenings. You only need a slight spritz of it though, as it’s the type of fragrance that can very quickly become overbearing if you get too trigger happy with it!

So there you go guys, my top 5 scents for summer!
Let me know your favourites!

Sue xxx



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  1. Barbara
    21 May 2014 / 18:28

    Victoria’s Secret body mist €12 in Dublin Airport T2

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